Jijel…the province of forests announces control of the state’s fires – Al-Hiwar Algeria

The forest governorate of Jijel Province announced, after noon today, that the fires had been controlled in the last hours by the forest and civil protection governorate agents.
Interests Based on preliminary reports from the forest department of the state, it was reported that all fires are under control and material and human means are being harnessed to extinguish them and limit their spread towards residential areas.
According to the same governorate, the agents of the state’s forests governorate intervened with the civil protection agents in order to put out fires that broke out in the forests of the municipalities of Taxna, Ziama Mansouria, Jijel and Al-Shhna.
The APS news agency quoted the civil protection interests of Jijel state as mobilizing 10 trucks of various sizes and 50 intervention aides to extinguish the Ziama Mansourieh fire, while the process of extinguishing these fires is underway, stressing that no human losses have been recorded as a result of these fires.
The state of Jijel recorded, from Sunday night to Monday, the outbreak of 5 fires in separate areas of the state, affecting the municipality of Ziyama Mansourieh in my regions: Al-Qaytoun and Boulkhamis, the Tarshah and Tadernout neighborhoods to a greater extent than the municipality of Al-Shehna in the Awlad Bouzid region, the municipality of Jijel in the Tawalbia district of Mazghitan, the municipality of Taher in the Dumina region, and the municipality of Taxna in the Ain Al-Sara region.
And the governor of the Jijel state, Ahmed Muflati, supervised the process of extinguishing the fire that broke out in the regions of Al-Qaytoun and Bulkhmas in the municipality of Ziyama Mansouriya, accompanied by the security and local authorities and all the interests involved in the operation, while efforts are still continuing to control and control the situation, despite the climatic conditions, especially the blowing winds that made it difficult to extinguish the process.
The local authorities harnessed all material and human means, affiliated with the departments of the forest governorate, civil protection, and the intervening sectors such as public works, water resources, urbanization, architecture and construction, public equipment, the National Office of Purification, the Algerian Water Unit and the equipment of private institutions. Where the fires were controlled at the level of the municipalities of Shahna, Jijel, Taher and Taxna, with the exception of the Ziyama Mansourieh fire.
The civil protection interests stated that no human losses were recorded, except for some cases of suffocation for the elderly and children, who were taken care of and transferred for treatment, and their health condition is stable.

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