Jijel… Choosing a ground for the construction of the seawater desalination plant project – Al-Hiwar, Algeria


Today, Tuesday, the interests of Jijel Province announced the selection of a land of ten hectares in the municipality of Sidi Abdel Aziz, east of the state capital, to host a seawater desalination plant project.
It was reported that a ministerial committee affiliated with the Ministry of Irrigation recently visited Jijel on a working visit to find out about the latest preparations related to the project for the completion of a seawater desalination plant. In the first stage, seven floors were proposed by a number of coastal municipalities to embrace this station, so that the final choice falls on a floor that sits on an area 10 hectares in the municipality of Sidi Abdel Aziz.
This choice came based on the floor meeting several technical criteria, especially those related to the area and proximity to the sea, as well as the legal nature of the floor, unlike other floors, for which several obstacles were recorded, especially the legal nature of it.
The next stage will be to assign the study of the project to a specialized office of studies, pending its registration next year 2024.
After the embodiment of this station on the ground, it will have a regional dimension, by guaranteeing the provision of a number of municipalities belonging to the governorates of Constantine and Mila with potable water.
The embodiment of the seawater desalination plant project at the level of the state of Jijel falls within the program of the President of the Republic to implement sea desalination plants across the coastal states.

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