Jawari Grain Storage Center “Al Waseet” in Mostaganem – New Algeria


Ashraf Interior Minister And local groups and urban planning, Ibrahim Murad, accompanied by the Minister of Tourism and the Minister of Environment and Renewable Energies, to lay the foundation stone for the completion My neighborhood center “Intermediate” grain storage facility in the municipality of Oued El Khair in the state of Mostaganem.
In his statement to the media on the sidelines of the foundation stone laying ceremony, today, Saturday, the Minister of the Interior, Local Communities and Urban Development confirmed that this neighborhood center for “intermediate” grain storage is the first to be completed at the national level out of a total of 350 centres.

The Minister indicated that the governors of the Republic are working on completing the procedures related to its completion, in implementation of the instructions of the President of the Republic to strengthen national capabilities. For storage Within the strategy of food security and reducing imports, and assigning it to the governors to supervise Various projects related to that.

According to Murad, the works on the center will be completed within six months, so that it will be functional within the framework of the next season, praising the important movement in the agricultural sector that aims to secure the livelihood of Algerians.

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