Israeli crime exceeded limits.. More than 500 killed in the Gaza massacre


The spokesman for the Ministry of Health in Gaza, Ashraf Al-Qudra, announced that initial estimates indicate that between 400 and 500 people were killed in the Israeli bombing that targeted the Baptist Hospital in Gaza.

In turn, the Civil Defense in Gaza indicated that “children and women were cut into pieces as a result of the horrific massacre committed by the Israeli occupation in the Baptist Hospital.”

In his comment, Netanyahu called on civilians in Gaza to head south, in an attempt to escape providing realistic justifications for the massacre that occurred in a civilian hospital full of women and children, who were victims of the continuous bombing of the Gaza Strip, and he accused Hamas of being responsible for their safety.

He calls them to leave and then kills them

On Friday, the Israeli army called in a statement on all residents of Gaza City to evacuate their homes, head south for protection, and remain in the area south of Wadi Gaza.

But as soon as they headed toward the area, they were bombed. According to the government media office, 70 Palestinians were martyred, including children and women, and more than 200 others were injured, as a result of the Israeli occupation’s bombing of displaced convoys in southern Gaza.

Specialists pointed out that the indiscriminate bombing launched by the Israeli army on civilians in residential buildings, hospitals, and neighborhoods in the Gaza Strip indicates its confusion, failure, and loss of the compass of thought in managing the battles between it and the Palestinian resistance.

The Hamas spokesman had challenged Israel to go down by land and fight man-to-man and face-to-face instead of committing massacres against defenseless civilians.

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