Iraqi journalist Ammar Youssef told Al-Hiwar: I follow Al-Khader news with interest and I believe that Algeria is in the best possible way to reach the 2026 World Cup – Al-Hiwar Algeria


The Iraqi journalist Ammar Youssef spoke to Al-Hiwar newspaper in a chat in which he expressed his admiration for the level of the Algerian national team and the shining stars of the “Greens” in various European leagues. He expected that coach Jamal Belmadi’s Cubs would easily secure the qualification ticket to the World Cup scheduled to be held in 2026, after the league’s decision to raise seats. The African continent has 9 seats instead of 5 as was the case previously.

🔴 First of all, do you know the readers of “Al-Hiwar” by Ammar Youssef?

My name is Ammar Youssef, born in Baghdad, Iraq. I started working in the media in terrestrial channels in Iraq in 1998. My beginning was by presenting news bulletins and covering Iraqi league matches as a reporter, before I moved on to commenting on local and international matches, and I conducted many interviews with Iraqi football stars. After the fall of the regime in Iraq, I started working in satellite channels, including the “Ishtar” satellite channel, and I was head of the sports department there. In 2008, I immigrated to Sweden due to some circumstances. I left the sports community for a long time, and recently the idea came to me to open a sports news page on Tiktok concerned with the latest Arab and international football news, and I put all my experience that I gained through my work in the channels on this page to serve football fans and followers.

🔴And what content do you provide on your own page?

🎙I now present, through my page, short news bulletins about football three or four times a day, in addition to the daily live broadcast at nine o’clock Algeria time.

🔴 Who are the most prominent players with whom you conducted interviews and media interviews?

🎙 I met most of the Iraqi football stars through my work in Iraq, most notably the late star Ahmed Radhi, Hussein Saeed, Younis Mahmoud, Nour Sabri and many others.

🔴 From your page, it is clear that you are a good follower of Algerian football, right?

🎙 I certainly follow the stars of the Algerian national team who shine in European stadiums, most notably Riyad Mahrez, Ismail Bennacer, Islam Slimani, and Ramy Ben Sabaini.

🔴 How do you see the level of the national team at the present time, and do you think it is capable of qualifying for the 2026 World Cup?

🎙 Regarding the World Cup qualifiers, the Algerian national team was more deserving of qualifying for the Qatar finals against Cameroon, but bad luck and the referee of the match were a direct reason for being eliminated from the deciding match, the next World Cup, and after the increase in African seats, I believe that the opportunity is good for the “Desert Warriors” team to ensure their presence in the World Cup, and good luck. God willing.

🔴 Who are the commentators that you see as role models for you and who contributed greatly to your entry into the field of commentating on football matches?

🎙 I was influenced at the local level by the performance of the late Professor Moayad Al-Badri, the great sports commentator, and at the Arab level, the great Professor Hafeez Darraji.

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