Intensive proactive measures to confront fall floods and torrents


The Algerian authorities are taking proactive measures to avoid floods and torrents that occur in the fall season

The governors of the Republic have begun to take proactive measures to avoid floods and torrents during the coming days, which are expected to witness thunderstorms, which often cause unpleasant surprises, which prompted them to mobilize their interests early this year.

The proactive plan, which the governors are working on personally in crucial official meetings, includes absorbing the lessons of the past, which witnessed violent climatic fluctuations that affected almost all the cities of the country, through analyzing and evaluating the rains that caused losses of lives and property.

In this context, the Governor of Naama State, Ibrahim Ochan, chaired the state’s Executive Council meeting, which was devoted to studying the intervention plan for the threat of weather fluctuations, where a presentation was made by the Director of Civil Protection on the set of organizational, technical and material measures that contribute to prevention and interventions in the event of The occurrence of a disaster, and presenting the plan that was prepared to organize aid and relief in the event of floods, especially the areas exposed to their danger, which includes mobilizing material and human means as soon as possible under one command, and how to implement it by planning and organizing interventions and first aid, while presenting the various standards in the plan and means. The material and human resources allocated and available under the authority of the scale manager to intervene according to each sector.

On this occasion, he also provided a number of instructions related to the necessity of immediately and immediately updating the plan, in the event of any change in the level of the material and human means deployed for the intervention, especially the equipment of the public and private institutions deployed, and ensuring its actual status, with the necessity of the readiness of all those involved.

In the same regard, the Governor of Blida State, Lounes Bouzagza, for his part, chaired a meeting of the State Technical Committee for the Prevention of Flood Risks, during which the proactive measures taken were evaluated, especially with regard to the operations to clean sewage sewers, rainwater, and valleys carried out to date, as well as the status of treating black spots, in addition to To prepare means of intervention to confront potential dangers.

In this regard, the governor gave a number of instructions, most notably the need for continuous and tight coordination between the various stakeholders regarding the measures of intervention, maintaining the readiness of the material and human means that can be harnessed when weather fluctuations occur to ensure timely intervention, as well as continuing campaigns to clean the ocean, treat black spots, and clean drains and sewers. Water, valleys, and the removal of backfill and construction waste obstructing water courses across the various municipalities of the state, with priority given to registering operations related to the prevention of natural disasters under the title of development programs, while working to strengthen the state with additional equipment and mechanisms to enhance the possibilities of intervention.

For the same purpose, the various states of the country have begun organizing proactive campaigns to ensure the success of the national program to prevent the repercussions of autumn rains, as these operations come in implementation of the instructions of the Ministry of Interior and local groups.

As part of the efforts made and good preparation for the fall season, financial and human resources have been harnessed at the level of the various states of the Republic to make the proactive program a success, in coordination between the various interests and civil society, as work is being done to remove all the black spots.

Large-scale operations were launched with the participation of public institutions, as they began cleaning waterways and facilities for draining rainwater after filtering it, provided that the process continues throughout the coming days, while the governors of the republic called for the mobilization of all concerned and actors in this regard and to intensify these campaigns to remedy the program to prevent the danger. Floods.

It should be noted that the Ministry of the Interior and local authorities have written to the governors of the republic to initiate proactive preventive operations, in preparation for the rains and weather fluctuations that are usually witnessed in the fall season.

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