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The National Agency for the Promotion of Foreign Trade “ALJAX” carried out several activities throughout the year 2022, and embodied a number of measures to support and accompany exporters and facilitate their activity to access foreign markets.
In addition to the efforts made to publicize the various measures and facilities aimed at promoting non-hydrocarbon exports across the national territory, the agency contributed to the preparation of the project to open the maritime transport line “Algeria-Nouakchott-Dakar”, and concluded a number of agreements and memorandums of cooperation with similar bodies abroad, in order to consolidate partnership relations and international cooperation. .
And according to what was reported by the Algerian News Agency, quoting the results of this body affiliated with the Ministry of Trade and Export Promotion, in the year 2022, more than 1,580 economic and exporting dealers were received at the level of the “Dar Source” at the agency’s headquarters, who were directed and accompanied in the export process, with information and guidance to the dealers via Visio visual communication technology. Export.
A report was prepared containing a number of proposals and recommendations to address the obstacles facing the export of Algerian dates to some international markets by taking immediate and other urgent measures in the medium term.

And always within the framework of supporting activists in the field of export and escorting them to international markets, the agency organized a coordination meeting with exporters to the American market, devoted to assessing bilateral trade and the opportunities and advantages that this market provides for Algerian products, while discussing the obstacles that hinder the access of Algerian products to the American market.
On the other hand, the “Aljax” agency had a rich program in the framework of promoting business relations, accompanying Algerian economic operators, and organizing and framing the participation of Algerian companies in various exhibitions and economic events held abroad.
The agency developed the digital platform “ALGERIA EXPORTERS”, which allows Algerian exporters to introduce their companies and promote their products while creating business opportunities with foreign dealers, as 183 exporters were registered on the platform, and it was reported that 400 applications for registration in this online platform for Algerian exporters were received within a year. 2022.
ALJAX organized and framed the Algerian participation in general and specialized exhibitions held abroad in France, Senegal, Russia and Turkey, in addition to organizing a number of similar events at the national level, such as the Algerian Export Exhibition at the Exhibition Palace in the capital, the Asehar demonstration in Tamanrasset, and the study day on the export of dates at the agency’s headquarters, not to mention About strengthening cooperation with export support agencies across several countries around the world.

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