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This Sunday evening, at the Ministry’s headquarters, the Minister of Communication, Dr. Mohamed Laqab, met with officials and directors of national printed newspapers.

The Minister of Communication, after providing an accurate diagnosis of the situation of the print press in Algeria, called on those in charge of these media institutions to move towards the digital transformation of these newspapers and newspapers, stressing the strong competition that the electronic press is witnessing at the present time.

The Minister of Communication, while speaking about the difficulties and obstacles facing the print press today, reiterated his assertion that the Algerian state has a sincere and serious intention to put the sector on the right track by completing the laws regulating the sector as well as installing the institutions governing it, such as the authority to control the print press, and the Council Professional ethics, which will play an important role in organizing and developing the sector.

The meeting also provided an opportunity to talk about the actual aspects that would provide effective practical solutions to newspaper problems and advance the sector.

For their part, the officials and directors of the national newspapers appreciated this meeting, appreciating the Minister’s initiative in listening to their concerns and presenting the proposed solutions that would provide a qualitative addition to the sector, especially with regard to reactivating the Press and Journalists Support Fund, and searching for new sources of funding by organizing the advertising market.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the Minister of Communications renewed his call to all officials of national newspapers and actors in the sector to join everyone’s efforts in laying the foundations of a national and balanced press that serves the highest interests of the country.

The Minister of Communication also called on directors of national newspapers for the broad participation of journalists in the ninth edition of the President’s Award for Professional Journalist, which this time covered 03 topics with the aim of enabling the largest number of journalists to participate in light of the diversity of topics proposed for this edition.

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