In pictures: The launch of the Algeria International Symposium to Sue the Zionist Entity – Algerian Dialogue


The Algiers International Symposium “Justice for the Palestinian People” kicked off today, Thursday, at the “Abdellatif Rahal” International Conference Center, in Algiers.
The symposium examines the violations by the leaders of the Zionist occupation of the provisions of international humanitarian law in Palestine, especially in the Gaza Strip, and ways to submit complaints before international courts regarding these unprecedented crimes. It is organized by the National Syndicate of Judges and the National Federation of Lawyers’ Organizations, with the participation of delegations from several countries.
The opening session of this scientific and practical symposium will be attended by the President of the National Union of Lawyers’ Organizations, Captain Ibrahim Tairi, the Ambassador of the State of Palestine to Algeria, Fayez Abu Aita, Advisor to the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Houri Youssef, the President of the Jordanian Lawyers’ Organization, the representative of the Arab Lawyers Union, Captain Yahya Abu Al-Oud, Dean of Lawyers in Tunisia. Hatem Maziou, President of the National Union of Judges, Aoudash Al-Aidi, President of the Mauritanian Bar Association, Hassan Al-Bouna, lawyer at the Lyon Lawyers’ Organization, Gilles Defares, as well as the Palestinian academic and politician Sami Abu Zuhri.
The first session during the morning session includes five lectures centered around: “Grave violations of the provisions of international humanitarian law by the occupation leaders in Gaza,” “The mission of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court is in the balance,” “Mechanisms available for referring the Palestinian situation,” “Mechanisms for notifying organizations “The International Criminal Court, a reading of the dealings between the Palestine issue and the Ukraine issue.”
The second session, during the evening session, will address “Trial of the perpetrators of genocide against the Palestinian people, a collective duty for lawyers,” “The extent of the effectiveness of transferring the Palestinian case before the national courts in application of the principle of universality of punishment,” “Techniques for documenting international crimes committed by the Zionist occupation in Gaza.” “The New Holocaust between Force and Law.” The third and final session was devoted to the outcomes of the symposium and the presentation of workshop reports.
It is noteworthy that four workshops worked yesterday, Wednesday, on preparing various aspects related to the violations of the Zionist occupation in Palestine, where the first workshop on documenting the crimes of the occupation was responsible for counting the resulting written and photographed documentation, as well as counting all information and data and distributing them to the workshops according to specialization and need.
The second workshop, on the frameworks of the International Criminal Court, dealt with studying “the procedures followed in order to submit notifications to the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, and working on drafting a draft notification.”
The third workshop, on criminal prosecution before the courts of countries that have adopted the principle of universality of punishment and other international courts, discussed developing a road map for initiating procedures and filing complaints before the courts of countries that adopt the principle of universality of punishment, as well as other international courts around the world.
The fourth and final workshop, related to complaints to international organizations and bodies, dealt with drawing a road map and identifying the international bodies and organizations to which complaints and reports must be submitted, and writing a draft report for transmission.

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