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Today, Tuesday, the Minister of Energy and Mines, Mohamed Arkab, the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Kamal Badari, the Minister of Knowledge Economy, Emerging Enterprises, and Micro-Enterprises, Yassin Mehdi Walid, and the presence of the President and Director General of Sonelgaz, supervised the ceremony of handing over models of, to hand over 04 models of The Lithium-ION battery, the Capteur de Gaz CO leak detection device, and the Luminaire Solaire – All In One compact solar light bulb, which were invented by the Center for Research in Semiconductor Energy Technologies (CRTSE), as well as an automatic device. Smart system for operating gas leak detection devices, which was created by the Center for Scientific and Technical Research in Physico-Chemical Analysis (CRAPC), and are models that can be manufactured and marketed for use by the National Electricity and Gas Company, Sonelgaz.

The Minister of Energy and Mines indicated, on this occasion, that “these models are considered the fruit and outcome of the two cooperation agreements between the energy and mining sector and the scientific research sector, signed on February 18, 2023, at the level of the Center for Research in Energy Semiconductor Technology (CRTSE), as well as in implementation of the outputs of the Council Ministers held on February 5, 2023, related to developing research in the field of solar energy storage, valuing the results of scientific research and creating fruitful interaction between the energy and mining sector and the scientific research sector. The first agreement related to the development of renewable energy storage systems, which was concluded between the Algerian Electricity and Gas Company (Sonelgaz). ) on the one hand, and the Center for Research in Semiconductor Energy Technologies, and the Center for Development of Renewable Energies on the other hand. As for the second agreement, it related to developing cooperation in order to value the results of research in renewable energies, especially energy storage systems, which was concluded between the Center for Research in Semiconductor Energy Technologies and the emerging institution. “Optimal solutions for energy transition.”

The Minister also appreciated the results of the research carried out by the national research centers, which will enable the creation of qualitative competitiveness that will benefit Algerian economic institutions, as well as the transfer of technology from research laboratories towards manufacturing and marketing, as is the case today, especially those related to protecting our citizens from the dangers of monogas leaks. Carbon oxide to reduce this dangerous scourge that has claimed the lives of many.

The Minister concluded his speech by expressing his thanks, appreciation and gratitude to all those who had the credit, including executives and researchers, in achieving these achievements, which are in line with the policy of the energy and mining sector institutions, related to promoting local content and national integration, as well as strengthening the national production tool by supporting and encouraging research and development and supporting national institutions. As well as innovative and emerging companies, to participate in developing the economic and industrial fabric of the country, as well as creating dynamism for the development of local industries and encouraging Algerian institutions to localize the manufacture of equipment and spare parts in line with the new economic directions of the government and contributing to supporting national integration.

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