In pictures…the capital police overthrow a network specialized in smuggling precious stones – New Algeria


I managed the band Last week, the Mobile Judicial Police (Hammamet) in the security of the Bab El Oued Administrative District, affiliated with the Algeria State Security, dismantled a criminal network consisting of (04) people, including a foreign national, who are active in international smuggling and trading in precious stones and precious metals.


Investigations The judicial seizure, which was carried out under the supervision of the competent prosecution, accompanied by warrants to search the suspects’ homes, resulted in the arrest of members of the network in flagrante delicto, and also allowed the seizure and recovery of a value of 30 billion centimes, which were:


Precious metals of different shapes and sizes, such as diamonds and gold.

– Original coins of archaeological value from various historical eras.

Stone and metal pieces and statues.

– Tools for detecting gemstones and precious metals.

– A sum of money estimated at 293 million centimes.

has been submitted Suspect They are brought before the competent regional prosecutor, on the issue of money laundering within the framework of an organized criminal group, smuggling and concealment of cultural property.

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