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Today, Sunday, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, President of the Republic, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, Minister of National Defense, supervised the implementation of a live ammunition tactical exercise entitled “Fajr-2023”, which was carried out by the units of the 12th Mechanized Infantry Division in Djelfa, supported by units of various forces and weapons. Within the framework of the conclusion of the forces preparation program for the year 2022-2023.

The President of the Republic was received by Lieutenant General Saïd CHANEGRIHA, Chief of Staff of the People’s National Army, at the field of shooting and manoeuvres, where a military detachment of the various forces gave him the honorary salute.

The course of this tactical exercise witnessed the presence of a number of senior civil and military executives of the state.

In the firing range and maneuvers of the division, the President of the Republic, accompanied by Lieutenant General, followed closely and with great interest the course of the programmed hostilities, which were characterized by a high level, reflecting the high degree of harmony, coordination and cooperation between the various participating units and sub-units, and the good control of the crews in the field of controlling weapons systems. As well as the ability to successfully implement the tasks entrusted in various circumstances, which confirms the development and operational readiness that our armed forces have reached in recent years.

At the end of the exercise, the President of the Republic had a meeting with the members of the participating units, where he delivered a speech, by the way, which was followed by all the People’s National Army personnel in the six military regions, via tele-lecture, in which he congratulated all the participating personnel for the great efforts they made during all stages of preparation and implementation This tactical exercise, stressing that Algeria is determined to continue the journey of developing and modernizing its defense tool in all respects, in the service of national defense:

Mr. Lieutenant General, Chief of Staff of People’s National Army;

Messrs. brigadiers and brigadiers;

Honorable officers, NCOs and NCOs;

I am pleased on this occasion, as we are days away from the sixty-first anniversary (61) of the National Independence Day, and following what we lived moments ago of the scenes of glory and pride embodied by our combat units, with high professionalism through the implementation of the tactical exercise with live ammunition, to stand proudly loyal to the martyrs On aspects of the achievements of our proud military institution honoring the People’s National Army and strengthening the confidence of the proud Algerian people in its commando army.

In these moments full of meanings of patriotism, and I am personally keen to attend this tactical exercise, I am pleased to express my deep satisfaction and pride, and extend my congratulations, greetings and appreciation to our valiant People’s National Army, its leadership, officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers, for their continuous efforts to build our national defense and security capabilities with customary dedication and constant sincerity.

The exceptional global and regional geopolitical contexts increase our determination to continue developing and modernizing the national defense system, whether it is related to possessing and controlling the latest military technologies, weapons and equipment, or qualifying the human element, to keep pace with these advanced technologies and control their techniques, with the aim of protecting our security and vital national interests, and defense about our land and sea borders and our airspace.”

The President of the Republic stressed that Algeria’s doctrine was and still is defensive and that it is always keen on respecting the sovereignty of states, just as it has never in its history been a source of threat or aggression against anyone:


Algeria was and still is a fortress of peace and security. Never in its history has it been a source of threat or aggression. Its starting point is the principles of good neighborliness, and the pursuit of common security that stems from the core of our political and military history. However, it is not hidden in today’s world that the acquisition of the necessities of power Controlling its elements is one of our priorities to protect our national sovereignty, in the face of attempts to sow security unrest in our neighborhood, which is fueled by conflicting external agendas, seeking to seize resources, especially energetic ones, at the expense of the security of the peoples in our region, which is what calls on the People’s National Army to be keen to keep pace with Security and military developments, and to ensure the optimal utilization of the material and human capabilities that are devoted exclusively to the comprehensive security of our national borders, the protection of strategic sites, the confrontation of illegal immigration, and the smuggling of drugs, weapons and ammunition.

The President of the Republic also stressed that the scientifically and technically qualified human composition is a key factor in winning the bet on permanent readiness and high operational capacity:

“Dear audience, there is no doubt that achieving these goals requires professional and operational harmony and integration between the various components of the National People’s Army to quickly adapt to the current situation, by relying on a scientifically and technically qualified human composition, capable of exploiting modern equipment, and determined to empower our Armed Forces , from winning the bet on permanent readiness and high operational capacity.

On this occasion, I extend my sincere thanks to everyone who contributed to the planning, preparation and implementation of this tactical exercise with the utmost precision and competence, in confirmation of the level of development, readiness and operational harmony that our armed forces have reached in the implementation of such tactical exercises, wishing all officers, non-commissioned officers and non-commissioned officers, success and success. in performing their noble national duties.

Long live Algeria… glory and eternity to our honorable martyrs… and peace and God’s mercy and blessings be upon you.”

After that, Mr. President of the Republic, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, Minister of National Defense, accompanied by Mr. Lieutenant General, Chief of Staff of People’s National Army, inspected the participating formations and units, which saluted him.

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