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Today, Saturday, the Minister of Culture and Arts, Souria Moulouji, and the ministerial delegation accompanying her made a working visit and inspected several stations in the state of Ain Defla, where they were received by Abdel-Ghali Filali, the governor of the state and the military and local authorities.

At the level of the city of Miliana

The Minister started her visit by examining the Museum of Emir Abdelkader Al-Jazaery “Dar Al-Khilafah”. The residence of Khalifa Emir Abdelkader in Miliana is a classified historical landmark that benefited from a study, follow-up and rehabilitation process within the framework of the Finance Law for the year 2023 and the establishment of the Interpretation Center for Arts and Traditions in Miliana at its level.

In addition to visiting the religious complex Sidi Ahmed Ben Youssef, the religious complex in Miliana benefited from a process related to the restoration and rehabilitation of the Sidi Ahmed Ben Youssef Hotel within the framework of the focused investment program for the year 2023.

The minister toured the site of the Roman wall of the city of Miliana, which is classified as a historical landmark, its length is 3 km and its height is about 8 m. It also benefited from the process of studying, following up and rehabilitating the walls within the framework of the Finance Law of 2023.

During that, the Minister announced the issuance of a decision to establish the preservation sector for the ancient city of Miliana last April, to preserve this ancient national heritage, and to rehabilitate the city of Miliana, being one of the cities of Algeria and one of the oldest cities in it.

On the occasion, the minister attended the filming of scenes from the historical movie “Al-Saqiya” produced by the Ministry of Culture and Arts in the public park “February 24”, and produced in the context of the sixtieth year of independence. The Minister of Culture and Arts concluded her tour in the city of Miliana with a visit to the restored “Emir Abdelkader Weapons Factory”, a historical landmark classified and exploited by the National Office for the Protection and Exploitation of Cultural Property OGEBC, to which she gave instructions for its maintenance and restoration of some of the sites affected by it.

At the level of the municipality of Khemis Miliana

The Minister of Culture and Arts, in the schedule of the visit, moved to the municipality of Khemis Miliana to inspect the preparation workshop in the municipal museum. She also visited and examined the exhibition hall “Mohamed Boudiaf” proposed for the preparation. The capacity of the hall is estimated at about 400 seats. In this context, procedures for ceding the hall to the benefit of the culture sector took place And the arts, which suggested registering a process related to the renovation and equipment of the performance hall during the Finance Law of 2024.

On the occasion, the Minister inaugurated the “Kawakeb Cinema” hall after its rehabilitation, with the signing of a management agreement between the Directorate of Culture and the Algerian Center for Cinema.

In the same context, the Minister of Culture and Arts inaugurated the regional theater “The Martyr Tayyib Sharif Muhammad”, to be an important cultural space for jogging lovers and to enrich the theatrical movement in the state, and this coincided with the opening of the activities of the National Days of the Lone Man Show.

At the municipality level of Ain Defla:

The Minister of Culture and Arts, during the inspection visit in the wilaya of Ain Defla, and after visiting the city of Meliana, she moved to the municipality of Ain Defla to inspect the archaeological works of Asbar and to define the surroundings of the archaeological site “Oppidum Novum”. She also witnessed the launch of a project to study and implement the National Center for the Cinematographic Archive, where a presentation was made about the project. By the National Agency for the Management and Implementation of Major Cultural Projects, a project on which the freeze was lifted this year as well.

In the same context, the Minister inspected a workshop for the rehabilitation of the “Doi” cinema, which will be transferred to the Ministry of Culture and Arts.

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