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Prime Minister Ayman bin Abdul Rahman will present the government’s general policy statement to Parliament in both chambers soon

The government’s general policy statement, which Prime Minister Ayman bin Abdul Rahman is expected to present soon to both chambers of Parliament, revealed the outcome of the work accomplished by the government in various sectors during the period extending from September 2022 until last August within the government’s work plan.

The government’s general policy statement, a copy of which was in possession of Al-Ikhbariya, stated that it includes 5 major axes, as the government has worked to embody the commitments taken in its action plan in order to implement the program of the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, which aims primarily to strengthen the state of law and governance and promote… The emergence of a new economic model, strengthening human development and the social character of the state, activating diplomatic activity and enhancing national security.

The general policy statement revolved around the five chapters that included strengthening the rule of law, as Algeria firmly committed to pursuing a path to strengthen and improve its governance, with the aim of strengthening its institutions, ensuring the full exercise of rights and freedoms, and promoting transparent and responsible governance.

The first axis of the government’s general policy statement included strengthening the state of law and renewing governance. In a context marked by profound political, social and economic transformations, Algeria firmly and resolutely embarked on the path of strengthening the state of law and law and renewing its governance, with the aim of strengthening its institutions, improving the protection of the basic rights of citizens, and promoting governance that obeys transparency and responsibility.

In this regard, the main challenges facing the government are, in particular, strengthening the independence of the judiciary, fighting bureaucracy and corruption, encouraging participatory democracy, promoting equal treatment without excluding any citizen, and preserving all the basic components of national identity.

The second axis included promoting economic recovery and renewal in a diversified, flexible and efficient economy, as enhancing economic revival and achieving a diversified, flexible and effective economy are at the heart of national priorities, as the government has spared no effort to promote the emergence of a competitive and innovative economy that provides new opportunities for national and foreign investors.

The third axis included enhancing human development and social policy, as strengthening human development and promoting an effective social policy are of great importance to the country, as the government has placed among its priorities the achievement of the well-being of citizens, especially through strengthening the health system and continuous improvement of the educational system. In addition, the The government’s social policy, which aims to reduce disparities between citizens and strengthen regional balance and social cohesion, has been concretely embodied in raising citizens’ purchasing power and improving care for vulnerable groups, as well as strengthening and strengthening the social security and retirement systems and improving access to basic public services.

The government kept in its fourth axis the fourth chapter of the general policy statement, for the sake of an active and proactive foreign policy, as the government continues its tireless endeavors in the context of adding vitality to the priorities of our country’s diplomatic work, focusing its interventions in the perspective of protecting the supreme interests of the nation and contributing to establishing peace and security at the regional level and consolidating Ties with Africa and the Arab world, as well as supporting peace and developing partnership across the world, supporting economic diplomacy in order to achieve development goals, continuing to modernize the diplomatic tool and managing human resources, not to mention developing a modern strategy concerned with our national community abroad.

The fifth axis of the government’s general policy statement stipulates strengthening national security and defense, as the People’s National Army carries out its constitutional tasks in light of the directives of the President of the Republic, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, the Minister of National Defense, as he is fully aware of the importance of the challenges and stakes that must be raised, especially with regard to the recorded developments. In our regional and international environment, its repercussions on the security and stability of our country are known.

In this context, the Supreme Command continues to make the necessary efforts to bring greater effectiveness and professionalism to all components of our armed forces, with the aim of achieving high readiness befitting a professional army whose motto is to defend the people and the nation and whose legitimate ambition is to occupy the forefront in terms of regional superiority.

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