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The success rate ranged from certificate Intermediate education, initial grades between 53.97 percent and 86.02 percent, awaiting the announcement of the final results on June 29 of this month.

According to what was reported on the Shorouk Online website, the initial evaluation For an exam The intermediate education certificate for the June 2024 session, which was conducted between June 3 and June 5, resulting from the first and second corrections, showed good results in most educational subjects, as the heads of the correction committees and the correcting professors confirmed that a large number of candidates obtained an average ranging between 10 and 11 out of 20, while the number of those receiving an “excellent” grade was limited.

In the same regard, the correction centers in Algiers recorded an initial success rate, the lowest of which was 53.97 percent and the highest of 76.67 percent. The success rate in the correction centers affiliated with the Directorate of Education for Algiers East ranged between 65 percent and 76 percent, while the success rate was determined in the correction centers affiliated with The District of the Directorate of Education in the middle district, the lowest was 55.67 percent and the highest was 86.02 percent, while an initial success rate was recorded in the correction centers affiliated with the Directorate of Education West, ranging between 35.97 percent and 76 percent.

The same source added that he followed revision The last answer sheet for the Payam exam, the correction centers will begin to complete all the technical work, by ensuring the process of reserving points for more than 800 thousand candidates in ten subjects with high accuracy, by an integrated work team that includes computer engineers, professors and educational supervisors, This is to avoid making any mistake, given that error is absolutely not allowed.

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