Important notification for beneficiaries of the unemployment grant


Advance the deadline for disbursing the unemployment grant

The National Employment Agency announced that it will advance the date for disbursing the unemployment grant to Wednesday, instead of tomorrow, Thursday, which coincides with the anniversary of the Prophet’s birthday.

The agency said in a statement that, given that the Prophet’s Birthday, September 28, coincides with the dates of the unemployment grant beneficiaries, and as it is an official holiday, the dates were moved forward to Wednesday.

The agency added that SMS messages are sent in this regard to each beneficiary. She called on those concerned to review text messages on their mobile phones.

For reference, the Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Security, Faisal bin Taleb, revealed that obtaining the registration document at the National Employment Agency for job seekers will be done directly via the digital platform in the next few months.

The Minister highlighted that the National Employment Agency relies on modernizing its structures through the development of the automated information system and remote registration services, as this service enables job seekers and users to enter the agency’s websites in order to register or submit job offers, as well as follow up on available job offers, in addition to generalizing the use of The information system (intermediary) that allows both job seekers and users to benefit from the services provided by local employment structures.

In this regard, Ben Taleb indicated that more than 74,000 job seekers were registered via the remote service via the Waseet system during the last three months (June, July, August).

The same spokesman added that the National Employment Agency has created a digital platform for the unemployment grant to enable young people wishing to obtain this grant to register since February 25, 2022, and to process applications in a real-time manner, adding that the number of beneficiaries of this grant exceeded two million beneficiaries in August 2023.

Regarding the vocational integration assistance device, the Minister stated that more than 541,000 beneficiaries have been integrated into stable work positions, including 321,503 beneficiaries at the administrative sector level, adding that the process is still ongoing until next December 31, the date of the specified deadlines.

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