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The Director General of the Bureau for the Development of Industrial Agriculture in the Desert Lands of Al-Mania, Judy Qanun, revealed today, Sunday, the implementation of an agricultural pole project specializing in sugar beet cultivation in the state of Al-Mania, as part of the efforts made to enhance investment in strategic agriculture and develop the food industry.
The Algerian News Agency reported, according to Qanoun, that a “significant” area will be allocated to growing sugar beets at the state level, pointing out that his interests will work to provide all the necessary capabilities and factors for the success of this pole project, which will be a qualitative addition to the aforementioned state.
A delegation from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development recently inspected agricultural areas designated for strategic agriculture in Manea, with the aim of seeing the capabilities that the sector has and implementing this promising project.
Investor Mohamed Omar Al-Dhahabi’s agricultural farm (occupying 140 hectares) allocated to various strategic crops was able to carry out the first “encouraging” experiment in growing sugar beets in the state on an area of ​​6 hectares during the current agricultural season.
The same investor confirmed that the production of one hectare can exceed 100 tons, noting that the results of the analyzes proved that the sugar concentration in the sugar beets grown at the level of this investor is “very high.”
He added that developing this strategic division is among the country’s most prominent challenges in order to achieve self-sufficiency in table sugar raw materials while opening new horizons for exporting this basic material.
On the other hand, the cultivation of forage grains and yellow corn in Mania, similar to several states in the south of the country, achieved “remarkable” results.
In the Nazir Harwini farm, an area of ​​300 hectares was allocated for the production of grains and fodder yellow corn, with a cultivated area estimated at 180 hectares. This farm also has three wells and five pivot sprinklers and includes more than 600 heads of sheep and goats.
The owner of the investment indicated that he is looking forward to increasing production and improving its quality, noting the efforts made by public authorities with the aim of developing desert agriculture, by providing all facilities to investors and ensuring that they accompany them to implement their projects that would contribute to achieving self-sufficiency and reducing the import bill.

Efforts to raise the production of strategic people

Relentless efforts are being made to expand the arable area and raise agricultural production in the strategic areas in the south of the country, by enabling investors to obtain agricultural property and ensuring their accompaniment.
A total area of ​​163,999 hectares distributed over 30 agricultural areas in 9 states in the south and the greater south was allocated for investment in strategic agriculture.
This area is distributed among the states of Adrar (8,250 hectares), Ouargla (44,503 hectares), Timimoun (3,750 hectares), Touggourt (3,369 hectares), Djanet (13,698 hectares), Illizi (45,260 hectares), Laghouat (7,481 hectares), Ghardaia (16,148 hectares), and Mnaia (21,540 hectares). .
This operation falls within the framework of the fourth real estate portfolio announced at the beginning of last November, and comes in implementation of the directives of the public authorities aimed at encouraging agricultural investment in the south, especially in the strategic regions, in order to contribute to achieving self-sufficiency and ensuring food security.
The Bureau for the Development of Industrial Agriculture in Desert Lands seeks to achieve this endeavor by exploiting all the material and human capabilities established by the guardian ministry, with the aim of raising production in strategic crops, in order to reduce the import bill, which only recently was costing the state treasury huge financial costs.”
An “ambitious” development program was revealed under study to connect distributed agricultural areas to the electricity network, in addition to opening tracts, which are considered among the encouraging factors for expanding irrigated areas and raising the share of each state in the south in national production.
The Office for the Development of Industrial Agriculture in desert lands aspires to achieve high returns in production, both quantitatively and qualitatively, by embodying these projects to achieve the goal of self-sufficiency and diversifying sources of income for the national economy, as well as reducing the proportion of imports in strategic agricultural crops, in line with the state’s policy, which relies on supporting agricultural investment and accompanying Serious project holders who have the necessary financial capabilities to ensure good exploitation of agricultural surroundings.
In this regard, the process of distributing agricultural lands and the conditions in force were welcomed by investors who expressed their willingness to engage in the national efforts made to make the economic recovery plan a success, which is going through a recovery phase since the circumstances resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic were overcome.

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