Ibrahim Tairi: All evidence is available to prosecute Zionist officials before the competent courts for committing war crimes in Gaza – Algerian Dialogue


The head of the National Union of Algerian Lawyers’ Organizations, Captain Ibrahim Tairi, confirmed that all evidence is available today to bring the war criminals of the Zionist entity before the International Criminal Court and other courts, expressing his optimism in seeing them behind bars, especially since the convincing evidence of the public prosecutor is proven by press reports and proven before the world, and therefore the court cannot evade it.

The head of the National Union of Algerian Lawyers’ Organizations, Captain Ibrahim Tairi, said that today’s lawyers stand before history to fight an international legal battle that will lead to bringing Zionist war criminals before the competent courts.

Tairi explained during Channel 1’s Guest of the Morning program this Thursday that Algerian jurists constitute the spearhead of the defense of the rights of the Palestinian people, who are subjected to the most heinous crimes of genocide, and this is a natural extension of Algeria’s firm positions on the people and government in particular, and that the crimes of the Zionist entity have become exposed to the world.

In this context, Tairi adds, starting today, Algeria is hosting the activities of an international symposium on Palestine, entitled “Justice for the Palestinian People,” which will work to mobilize the forces of all free people in the world, including governmental and non-governmental organizations, in addition to the Palestinian Authority, and to take all legal measures before the competent courts, in particular Among the countries that embrace the universality of punishment, in addition to the International Criminal Court.

Tairi confirmed that the Algerian initiative received a strong response, especially from many human rights organizations, as Algeria will be a starting point for suing the Zionist entity, and the implementation of the outcomes of the symposium and the initiative to initiate legal procedures will begin directly before the International Criminal Prosecutor and before all competent authorities.

The President of the National Union of Algerian Lawyers’ Organizations did not ignore the difficulties that may face the effort to convict the entity’s war criminals before the International Criminal Court, which is subject to the control of the major powers, especially those that support the Zionist entity, which always uses the right of veto to make the entity escape punishment.

What is happening in Gaza and the brutal aggression against the Palestinian people is tantamount to genocide or “Holocaust,” which is the description that the Zionist entity has often exploited to blackmail countries and evade accountability. Now there is a Holocaust against the Palestinians, which requires criminalizing the entity on its basis, in addition to other established crimes, including Forced displacement, indiscriminate bombing, targeting hospitals, killing civilians and journalists, and even the threat of nuclear bombing, according to the same speaker.

The head of the National Union of Algerian Lawyers’ Organizations, Captain Ibrahim Tairi, stressed that everyone is concerned with documenting the crimes of the Zionist occupation, from journalists and military experts to determine the type of weapons used against the residents of Gaza, judges, and even the testimonies of citizens. He revealed a “million” of lawyers, from various countries of the world, that will emerge from the Algeria symposium to follow up. Condemning the Zionist entity and its officials, individually, among those involved in war crimes, including genocide and crimes against humanity.

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