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Hakim Hreik, Chairman of the National Committee for the Visual Promotion and Classification of University Education Institutions, highlighted today, Sunday, the qualitative leap achieved by the classification of Algerian universities globally in 2023, stressing the aspiration to transform university institutions into a locomotive for economic development.
Hreik renewed on the national radio waves the inclusion of 23 Algerian university institutions in the “Times” global ranking of institutions of higher education and scientific research, ranking first in the Maghreb and second in Africa.
The guest of the first pointed out that Algerian universities achieved a leap of ten university institutions compared to 2022, which witnessed the classification of thirteen Algerian universities.
Hreik explained that the “Times” classification adopted 19 indicators divided into five axes, which included: quality of training – quality of scientific research – research environment and quality and its relationship to the economic and social environment, international openness and industry.
The speaker called for the establishment of a culture of classification at the level of university and research institutions in Algeria, saying: “We look forward to obtaining more classifications such as the Shanghai Classification.” At the same time, it was noted that the standards adopted in classifications are different and vary according to fields.
Hreik emphasized that the sectoral policy urges researchers to publish in prestigious journals through an integrated national strategy, revealing that the number is increasing, but the bet remains on quality, adding: “We are working to establish incentive mechanisms for researchers to publish in international scientific journals, so that the increase is both quantitative and qualitative.” “This contributes to improving the ranking of university institutions.”
Hreik continued that the National Committee for the Visual Promotion and Classification of University Education Institutions aims to make university institutions and laboratories of excellence an engine for economic development, explaining that expanding the scope of scientific publications and patents requires increasing spending.
In addition to confirming that the work of the committee, since its inception, has been based on accompanying university institutions, Hreik called for greater openness of Algerian universities to their international counterparts, and pointed out that Algerian universities currently receive 75 percent of citations, and deepening openness will help further improvement.

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