Hiring 2,202 new university professors next October


Higher education sector professors are invited to direct the titles of students’ graduation research towards creative topics that lead to innovation

The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Kamal Badari, called on professors in the university sector to direct the titles of students’ graduation research towards creative topics that lead to innovation, revealing the establishment of 117 offices for studies in order to create wealth at the university level this year, as well as the registration of 870 patents through efforts and efforts. The university with its students and researchers.

This came in a speech by the Minister, delivered on the sidelines of his supervision yesterday, Saturday, of the launch of the new university season in the state of Guelma, in the presence of the state authorities and the university family, in which he congratulated the components of the university family for the attention given to the university by the country’s higher authorities, praising the adoption of a new model to obtain the fruits of High quality, and the Minister stressed that they are continuing this endeavor by setting more appropriate standards and procedures in the field of education, governance, student life, and scientific research.

By the way, Badari revealed the establishment of 117 studies offices for wealth creation at the university level this year, which aims to provide expertise and all the studies required by the economy and national society in order for students to gain the required experience, in addition to registering during the same year 870 patents awaiting more than Another 200 patents through the efforts and efforts of the university, its students and researchers.

The Minister called on professors to direct the titles of students’ graduation thesis towards creative topics that lead to innovation, allowing them to create wealth and job positions for themselves and their colleagues, stressing that the university must be creative while providing material and financial stimulation to every creative person. He added that the meaning that he demands is to be integrated into the university to make it a creative institution. It is the use of an approach to develop the student’s creative behavior using more attractive educational methods.

Badari continued that the university’s goal is to make the student proficient in information and knowledge and thus activate and transform all his cognitive abilities into manufactured materials that may be sold and marketed and create wealth and various incomes, whether in the university area or at the national level, highlighting that among the tasks of the modern university are education, scientific research, and wealth creation through innovation. Which is based on scientific research in order to create jobs.

The same spokesman added that Algerian universities are working to develop models of innovative products, such as radar devices to prevent forest fires, batteries for renewable energy and the cultivation of durum wheat, seawater desalination, electric cars in addition to drones, and he indicated that his ministry is in the process of diversifying training offers. At the level of the Sidi Abdullah University Pole, in advanced fields such as mobile robotics, artificial intelligence, modern physics, as well as applied mathematics, he also revealed that the national symposium on evaluating university sessions will take place during the next few months, during which a comprehensive review of the training offers will take place, in addition to changing the divisions. And work to improve it and enhance its effective role in good training for the student.

The minister revealed, in a special interview with Algerian television, broadcast on Friday evening, that the process of recruiting professors continues, noting that there are new specializations that are in line with the requirements of the times, with the professions of tomorrow, and with the well-being of Algerian society. He explained that there are specializations in robotics, that is, autonomous systems, as well as specializations in Artificial intelligence and applied mathematics, in addition to specializations in modern physics represented by nanotechnology. The same speaker continued that there are specializations attended by the training teams related to the tracks present in various university institutions.

Regarding the continuation of the process of recruiting professors, the Minister revealed that during the month of next October, 1,409 assistant professors in Department B in Medical Sciences will be employed, in addition to the employment of 793 research professors in various research centers. He also announced the organization of another recruitment process for university professors next October. The minister said that 8,000 assistant “B” professors have been employed, a number that Algeria has not witnessed since 1992.

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