Highlighting the role of civil society in national decision-making


The Governor of Algiers, Mohamed Abdel Nour Rabhi, in a speech he delivered during the opening of the state forum of the youth association movement.

The governor of the state of Algiers, Mohamed Abdel Nour Rabhi, said that the Algerian state has always worked to provide the appropriate conditions to grant the leading role to civil society in promoting citizenship and the democratic and participatory practice in decision-making at the local and national levels, stressing that this is what the President of the Republic has dedicated and committed to before everyone. Algerians build a free and active civil society capable of assuming its responsibilities.

This came in a speech delivered by the Governor of Algiers, on Saturday, during his opening of the work of the state forum of the youth associational movement, organized by the Directorate of Youth, Sports and Entertainment of the State of Algiers on October 14 and 15, at the Higher School of Social Security “Mohamed Saleh Mentouri”, in memory of the deceased of the sector, Tariq Karach and Saed Zoukari. May God have mercy on them, under the slogan “The Association Movement and the Citizenship Industry.”

According to a statement by the state’s departments on Facebook, Rabhi called on the participants to benefit from the workshops and work sessions during the forum in order to work together with the local authorities so that the state of Algiers becomes a model to be followed in effectiveness and participatory work.

During the opening ceremony of the forum, the Directorate of Youth, Sports and Entertainment of the State of Algiers took the initiative to honor the families of the sector commanders, Tariq Karach and Saed Zoukari, in gratitude and appreciation for their rich professional paths in various positions and stations in the youth and sports sector, after a video was shown of the outcome of the activities of the Directorate, its institutions and active associations in the State of Algiers during recent times. .

For reference, the President of the State Popular Council, the Director General of Youth at the Ministry of Youth and Sports, representing the Minister, representatives of Parliament from both chambers, the President of the National Observatory for Civil Society, the representative of the President of the Supreme Council for Youth and members of the Council, the Head of the Office of the Governor of the Algeria State and the state executives, the Director of Youth and Sports, attended the forum. And entertainment for the state of Algiers, the frameworks and institutions of the directorate, the associational movement and civil society activities.

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