Hidawi: The Supreme Youth Council will not be limited to its members, but rather it is an institution directed to all Algerian youth – Algerian Dialogue


Today, Saturday, the head of the Supreme Youth Council, Mustafa Hidawi, supervised the opening of the “Content Creators” camp, at the “Abdel Latif Rahal” International Conference Center in the capital.
Hidawi said during the opening of the camp: “The political will in the country is courting us and welcomes our entry into the world of decision-making.” Hidawi added: “The Supreme Youth Council will not be limited to its members, but rather it is an institution directed to all the youth of Algeria.”

The “Content Creators Camp” activities were opened at the Abdellatif Rahal International Conference Center in Algiers, with the participation of more than 200 young men and women from various parts of the country, with the aim of exchanging experiences and providing meaningful content via the Internet.
In his speech on the occasion of the opening of this demonstration, which was attended by the Minister of Communications, Mohamed Laqab, the Minister of Vocational Education and Training, Yassine Marabi, the Minister of Youth and Sports, Abderrahmane Hammad, and the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, Karim Bibi Triki, the President of the Supreme Council for Youth, Mustafa Haidawi, confirmed, The Content Creators Camp is part of the activities of the youth summer camps that were held in four batches since the end of August (Professions Pioneers Camp, Scientific Clubs Camp, and Volunteer Youth Camp).
He stated that this demonstration, organized by the Supreme Council for Youth, brought together a group of distinguished young people in the digital field with the aim of creating the digital field and enabling young content creators to present their concerns and suggestions in a way that serves the nation.
In a statement to the press on the sidelines of the activities of this demonstration, the Minister of Information, Mohamed Laqab, appreciated the work carried out by the Supreme Youth Council, which was able to gather 200 young men and women who are content creators and accompany them to develop their content in a way that serves the youth and the nation.
He added, “Content creation is an arduous process and a noble message that we hope will be included in the context of national construction for a prosperous Algeria,” expressing his hope that “blue space users will demonstrate good behavior and good morals.”
“I hope that the users of the blue space who create high-quality content adhere to the rules of good behavior, because the digital space is a media and information society, so it must include the rules of good behavior and ethics,” Laqab explains.
The Minister expressed his hope that content creators would at least respect Article Three of the Media Law regarding freedom to practice media activity.
As for the issue of establishing a control authority for content makers, the minister stated that it is “left to civil society, the Supreme Council for Youth, and content makers, as they must regulate themselves,” explaining that “if it is necessary to establish ethics for content makers, the sector will accompany them.”

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