“He saw an Arab face and killed him.” The mother of “Nael” demands justice for her only son – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia


On Thursday, the mother of the boy, Nael, whose killing by a policeman sparked riots, said that the incident had racial and ethnic motives.

“I don’t blame anyone, I blame one person: the person who killed my son,” Monia told France 5 in her first media interview since the shooting, on Tuesday morning.

She considered that the 38-year-old policeman, who was charged with premeditated murder, could have resorted to other methods to control her son, who was driving a car.

The mother said crying: “He did not have to kill my son. bullet? From this distance from his chest? No no”.

And she considered that the policeman “saw an Arab face, a little boy, and killed him.”

The mother, who said she works in the medical sector, asked, “How long will this last? How many more children will be killed like this? How many mothers would find themselves in my place?”

On Thursday, Monia led a march in the suburb of Nanterre, west of Paris, where she lived with her son, and demanded justice for her only son.

It is mentioned that the boy, Nael, is an innocent young man, who has no criminal record, an athlete who loves to drive bicycles and cars, but according to the French police, he has issues of skirmishes with security men and not obeying their orders.

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