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Mrs. Saeeda Nagza wrote an obsolete text that denies all the reforms that the country has initiated since the year 2020 in order to correct the state’s finances, to avoid falling into the hands of the International Monetary Fund, which contributed to enhancing national production to reach the value of $13 billion in non-hydrocarbon exports in the 2023/2024 horizons. As published by the Algerian News Agency.

In an elegant contribution, and ironically, Mrs. Saeeda Nagza made herself an official spokesperson for interests that claim to be the ones fighting the interests of the old regime, or rather the interests of the “gang” that mastered stealing the people’s money and demanding the right to acquire property abroad. Through illegal transfers stemming from the same funds obtained from inflated invoices.

Through this message, widely circulated on social media, while going beyond what is conventional in correspondence addressed to the Presidency of the Republic, Mrs. Nagza’s main argument remains supported by the same rejection of change, and the pathological obsession of the dirty money forces that do not want to surrender.

This message, which is nostalgic for the old regime, reflects the true intentions of its authors, through their endeavor to maintain stagnation, and at the same time it demonstrates its authors’ complete unawareness of the profound transformations taking place in Algeria.

All economic operators and state leaders know this character and his low reputation, as well as his inclinations towards every foreign and international matter. Standing as a defender of the Algerian economy, businessmen, and citizens as a whole is something that Mrs. Nagza dared to do, and she became accustomed to it until it became her basic characteristic.

To go into more compassionate positions regarding the woman who declared herself president of the General Confederation of Algerian Enterprises, there are other institutions in the new Algeria worthy of raising economic and social concerns, such as the Algerian Economic Renewal Council and the National Economic, Social and Environmental Council, without the General Confederation of Algerian Enterprises, even if it is its president. Its “closeness” to decision-makers includes its “bridges,” its commercial record, and its own marketing power.

The empty content presented by this message, which is far removed from the developments taking place in the world, also shows that this woman excludes herself from the meaningful and harmonious economic discussion.

For example, her harsh attacks on rising prices, especially the prices of basic products, such as pasta, oil, sugar, tomato concentrate, etc., are considered an example of her ignorance of economic realities. These products did not witness an increase in prices, except for meat, which was allowed to be imported throughout the year to control prices. As for oil, Algeria currently produces this product at a rate exceeding three times its needs, and also exports large quantities of it, while the prices of semolina and soft flour have not increased, because the state continues to support these products, specifically to preserve the purchasing power of the citizen.

Compared to many countries that are experiencing record inflation, with the prices of most basic products and materials rising, prices in Algeria remain low. This petition is strangely reminiscent of a fictitious “consumer advocacy” organization that advocates for everything but the consumer. Rather, it is an organization that only defends the file of cars and vehicle import licenses.

But some issues become questionable when it comes to the inflated billing file! What bothers Mrs. Nagza and her followers when the state decides to recover the people’s money? Is not recovering this money one of the presidential tasks, wherever it is and by whomever? Indeed, out of respect for the commitment to the people, it should be said that this money must be recovered, and this will be done even if the rejecting and stubborn heads of institutions dislike it, because the majority of economic operators are honest and patriotic. Also, thanks to these honest and patriotic dealers, Algeria will rise to the challenge of exporting $13 billion outside the hydrocarbons sector in 2023. As for those who continue with tricks and inflating bills: the state will not allow them to do so. Therefore, their message aims only to restore dignity to those who plundered the people’s money with the collusion of the unconstitutional forces at the time.

So why this message at this time in particular, if it is not an improved version of the pressures that remind of a past time, when pressure groups, lobbies, and oligarchy were blackmailing the state, like predatory bodies like the previous Forum of Heads of Institutions, which was removed thanks first to the blessed movement and then thanks to the 2019 presidential elections.

But complementing everything mentioned in this strange message is the proposal made by Mrs. Nagza, in her shameless call to reactivate the trilogy. This famous trilogy, which lasted for two decades, was the scene of the dismemberment of the national economy and public institutions. This charade was a tool for embezzling and selling public institutions. It is worth remembering that Mrs. Nagza described the tripartite in 2016 as “a wonderful experience in the field of dialogue and social protection,” and now she is calling and even demanding its return, while Algeria has chosen a path and is heading towards economic emergence.

Through the trilogy, many public sector commercial enterprises were sold to the oligarchy of the Forum of Enterprise Leaders. Through the tripartite, money from printing money was distributed to the Forum of Heads of Institutions. The trilogy cost the public treasury billions of dollars.

Mrs. Nagza, in her endless ravings about the state, only proposes to play “Monopoly” again with the people’s money for the benefit of other oligarchs.

Since the advent of the new Algeria, the state and its president have never been stingy in listening to the neglected and the voiceless and preferring the most constructive and most patriotic proposals.

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