Handball: The national team is one step away from the final


The first male national handball team continued its strong performance in the finals of the 26th edition of the African Cup of Nations held in Egypt until January 27th.

The Algerian Sebaei team was able to reach the semi-finals, on Tuesday, after defeating the Democratic Republic of the Congo team in the match hosted by the Cairo International Stadium hall.

He won over him with a comfortable margin of 36-23, after falling behind in the first stage 15-14.

After this victory, coach Farouk Deheli determined their qualification for the World Cup tournament scheduled to be held in Denmark, Croatia, and Norway this year.

The national team is expected to meet its counterpart from the Cape Verde Islands in the semi-finals, after the latter managed to overcome Morocco in the quarter-finals with a score of 31-22.

The goalkeepers brilliance and excellent offensive performance

The national squad was distinguished from the rest of the third group teams that it faced in the first round, by its good finishing of attacks, as Masoud Berkous’s teammates were able to reach the threshold of 30 goals against all of Gabon, then Libya, and finally Morocco.

This facilitated the team’s mission in achieving full marks during the group stage.

The team continued the same dynamic when it met the Democratic Republic of the Congo, especially in the second half of the match, which witnessed Ayoub Abdi’s teammates scoring 22 goals.

The same confrontation saw the emergence of reserve goalkeeper Zamushi Yahya, who blocked many of the Congolese team’s shots to brilliantly succeed the brilliant Khalifa Ghadban.

It should be noted that the Congolese team only scored eight goals in the second phase, as they did not open the scoring until seven minutes after the start of this half.

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