Hamas representatives question the government for the second time in a row


The Parliamentary Group of the Movement for Peace Society submitted a second interrogation directed to the Prime Minister, Ayman bin Abdel Rahman, on the issue of the scarcity of some necessary medicines.

The Parliamentary Group of the Movement for Society for Peace (Hamas) submitted a “second” interrogation addressed to the Prime Minister, Ayman bin Abdel Rahman, on the issue of the scarcity of some necessary medicines and the suspension of their import.

The parliamentary group of the Hamas movement explained, in the text of the interrogation, a copy of which was received by Al-Ikhbariya, that the interrogation was submitted by MP Abdel-Wahab Yaqoubi, and was approved by 51 deputies from various parliamentary blocs.

According to the text of the interrogation, in view of the unfortunate decline in public health care for Algerians in general, especially those with low and middle incomes, as they are the dominant group in society, which is witnessing a major disruption in supplying the drug market, whether pharmacies and hospital institutions, with the necessary and preventive medicines to treat intractable chronic diseases, the Governorate On people’s lives, if this interrogation is directed.

The same group pointed out the major disruption in supplying the pharmaceutical market (pharmacies and hospital institutions) with the necessary and preventive medicines to treat chronic and incurable diseases, preserving people’s lives, such as those for those suffering from diabetes, heart disease and cancer, medicine for anesthesia before surgical operations, etc. This includes medicines and necessary materials, even anesthesia for dentistry and surgery.

The same source stressed that this situation is a logical result of the significant reduction in imports, which was undertaken without prior study of its effects on the nation and the citizen, until the matter reached a situation that cannot be tolerated. From exposing the lives of citizens to danger, as preserving public health is one of the most important basic rights of citizens and one of the most obligatory constitutional duties of the state towards its citizens.

The same source highlighted that, based on the responsibility that the people have placed on us, and as their representatives, we live in their pain, and in the face of the seriousness of this scarcity and its dire consequences for the health of citizens, and the growing state of complaint and feeling of neglect among patients and their families, and the psychological and social effects that result from all of this, we must sound the alarm. By activating this constitutional oversight mechanism by questioning the government, represented by the Prime Minister, about this dangerous situation.

The same group asked what urgent measures the government intends to take to provide the necessary medicines to protect the lives of Algerians.

It should be noted that the Parliamentary Group of the Movement for Society for Peace submitted, at the end of the week, an interrogation to the government regarding the rise in prices and the collapse of citizens’ purchasing power. The interrogation was submitted by Abdel-Wahab Dayra, Vice President of the National People’s Assembly, as a representative of the interrogators.

The interrogation mechanism is one of the oversight tools on the work of the government, as stated in Article 160 of the Constitution, and it is resorted to when necessary to sound the alarm and raise public alert.

In it, the group stressed that it is no secret that the astonishing rise in foodstuffs, including vegetables and fruits (we are in season), legumes, and school supplies, has burdened citizens with low incomes and even what remains of the middle class.

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