Governor of Educac Salon: We aim to encourage the creativity of young people and students – Algerian Dialogue


Abdel Nour Derias, Governor of the “Educac” Salon, praised the activities of the second edition of this annual exhibition, which focused on the aspect of skills, education tools, and evaluating the creativity of youth and students through the use of modern means that are in line with the development of technology.
Dryas Abdel Nour, who was a guest on the Multimedia Economy program, mentioned, for example, connecting the smart board to the Internet directly with electronic boards.
This facilitates the process of memorization and collection for pupils and students alike.
Dryas also enumerated the advantages of disseminating technology, such as software and applications developed by Algerians, especially among students.
Finally, the teacher competition was announced as part of the activities of this salon, which aims to encourage this group of society and exploit their energies and creativity to support students in various educational levels.

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