Government meeting… strengthening participatory democracy and the role of local groups in developing the national economy – Algerian Dialogue


Prime Minister Nadhir Al-Arbawi chaired a government meeting today, Wednesday, according to a statement from the First Ministry.
The meeting was devoted to studying preliminary drafts related to laws related to the municipality and state, in addition to the preliminary draft amending the monetary and banking law.
The projects for local groups come in implementation of the commitments of the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, aimed at strengthening participatory democracy and the economic role of local groups in developing and diversifying the national economy, as well as reforming the tax and financial system for the benefit of local groups with the aim of giving them resources that enable them to enhance their economic and social role.
In implementation of the President of the Republic’s program to enhance water security, the government has studied a draft executive decree that includes a public utility declaration for the process related to the completion of connection works to the seawater desalination plant in the state of Bejaia, in order to enhance the supply of drinking water.

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