Goujil stresses the need to strengthen the home front to face the various challenges – the Algerian dialogue


Parliament Speaker Salah Goujel stressed, Thursday in Algiers, the “necessity” of strengthening the home front and “preserving national unity” to face various challenges.
In his speech during the conclusion of the regular parliamentary session of the National Assembly 2022-2023, Mr. Goujil said that “there are enemies lurking in Algeria because of its decisions and positions, and they seek to interpret these decisions and question its path,” stressing in this regard that “confronting all attempts to strike Algeria requires preserving our unity and striving to work together diligently.”
Mr. Goujel recalled Algeria’s principles in “supporting colonial peoples and their right to self-determination,” reaffirming in this context that Algeria’s support for Palestine “is not born today, but rather goes back to independence, and Algeria has never abandoned this sister country.”
On the other hand, Mr. Goujil adds, “other countries claim their support for Palestine while strengthening their relations with the Zionist entity, exchanging official visits with it, and allowing it to threaten Algeria from its territory, calling in this regard on all countries loyal to the Palestinian cause to be frank and courageous in defining their positions.”
He added that Algeria “supports the independence of the colonial peoples until they achieve independence without exception, and that its support for the right of the Sahrawi people to self-determination stems from this principle that does not change or disappear.”
By the way, the Speaker of the Council of the Nation praised “the important role of the People’s National Army, the descendant of the National Liberation Army, which deservedly protects the national borders and safeguards the stability of the homeland” and what the security and civil protection services are doing in the service of the homeland.
For reference, the closing ceremony of this session took place in the presence of the President of the National People’s Assembly, Mr. Ibrahim Bougali, and the Prime Minister, Mr. Ayman bin Abdelrahman, along with members of the government staff and state officials.

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