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Salih Vogel, Speaker of the National Assembly, chaired today, Wednesday, a meeting of the Council’s Bureau, expanded to the heads of parliamentary groups and the parliamentary observer, devoted to setting the draft schedule for the plenary sessions of the National Assembly in the period between November 23 and 30, 2023… in addition to confirming the membership of a new member in the National Assembly entitled The presidential third, and other issues..

After the Speaker of the National Assembly opened the session, the National Assembly Office extended its congratulations to the Prime Minister, who had gained the confidence of the President of the Republic, reiterating that the National Assembly will remain keen to continue strengthening coordination and institutional integration, in the field of field embodiment of the 54 presidential commitments… which It is still being translated into reality under the personal supervision and direct care of the President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, the most recent of which was when he supervised the conclusion of the activities of the World Entrepreneurship Week, and the joyful and heart-warming decisions that instill hope in the souls of economic operators and enhance confidence in their state’s institutions and leaders.. Accordingly, The Council’s office urges, once again, on this occasion, the necessity of mobilization and recruitment in order to implement these directives that will benefit the citizen and the nation.

Firstly, with regard to raising the levels and efficiency of the performance of Council members, the Speaker of the National Assembly directed the importance and necessity of ensuring that the measures of the Council’s bylaws that are being worked on are obligatorily aligned to reflect the Authority’s desire and ambition for leadership by improving its work and overcoming shortcomings and shortcomings.

As for the work schedule of the National Assembly during the coming period, it was decided to resume public sessions, starting from the morning of Monday, November 27, until November 30, 2023, by presenting, discussing, and expressing opinions regarding the text of the law related to the written press and electronic journalism, and the text of the law related to audiovisual activity.. The text of the amended and supplemented Organic Law No. 18-15 of September 2, 2018, relating to the Finance Laws, amended and supplemented, along with the vote in the same period on the ruling in question between the two chambers of Parliament, within the text of the law relating to forests and forest resources (Articles 27 and 136). from him..

As for confirming the membership of Ahmed Mahmoud Khona, the new member appointed by the President of the Republic, in the National Assembly under the title of the presidential third, it was decided to present it during the plenary session that will be allocated for this purpose, to the members of the Council for approval, which is scheduled for tomorrow morning, Thursday, November 23 of this month. .

The Office of the Expanded Council also studied and discussed the proposals of the permanent committees, especially those related to organizing parliamentary seminars and study days, in addition to holding hearing sessions for members of the government, and programming temporary information missions, and decided on a number of them. In this regard, the Speaker of the Council directed The nation should arrange priorities and begin work to translate these proposals within the framework of the National Assembly carrying out its constitutional duties.

At the international level, and with regard to the endless rise in recklessness in the aggressive violations of the aggressor rogue Zionist entity, which continues to commit war crimes and genocide committed against the martyred Gaza and against the brotherly Palestinian people more than 45 days ago, which left thousands of lives, the Office of the National Assembly, congratulating the gift of conscience, The snake, which responded to the call of the President of the Republic and Algeria to prosecute the murderers and prosecute the aggressors, confirms that the chronicle of contemporary history will remain a witness to an occupied entity with a fickle mood that reads the facts of the days in a way that satisfies its hostile instinct for the country of redemption, boldness and boldness. The Council’s office also stresses Algeria’s rejection Conclusively regarding the principle of “the upper hand” in jurisdiction, which is followed by the arrogant and arrogant Western countries that continue to cover up Zionist atrocities in the context of an unprecedented outbreak of an inhumane pandemic in the international community, and they are the forces that evade settling the Palestinian issue and bear responsibility for its aggravation and responsibility for spawning these reckless terrorist behaviors. It also evades settling the Sahrawi issue, which has lasted for a long time despite its being placed on the table of the United Nations to settle colonial issues.

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