“Gaza Space” will feature the 26th edition of the International Book Salon in Algiers – Algerian Dialogue

Governor of the Algiers International Book Salon, Mohamed Iqrib, said that a special cultural program has been set to characterize the 26th edition of the exhibition in solidarity with sisterly Palestine and its proud people by creating special spaces for everything related to Palestinian literature and culture.
In an interview with national radio, today, Wednesday, Mohamed Iqrab highlighted that the initiative comes in the context of Algeria’s solidarity with the Palestinians in their struggle against Zionist tyranny.
According to the same source, a cultural program was set through which Palestine became at the heart of the Algiers International Book Fair by creating the “Gaza Space” in the Africa Hall, which is a large tent on an area of ​​more than 200 square meters that hosts lectures, seminars, forums, and poetry evenings animated by intellectuals and writers from Palestine and other countries. Many Arab countries.
Another space was created, adding the same spokesman, “It is a wing of the Ministry of Culture, which embraces Palestine with its literature, writers, and culture, in addition to the Tassili space, through which we have programmed seminars and spaces related to everything related to Palestinian literature and culture in general.”
When referring to the field of communication and digital publishing, the governor of the Algiers International Salon confirmed that one of the features of this edition is the creation of a digital space for books on an area of ​​460 square metres. The latest magazines will be displayed in the field of digitization “Book Digitization” and will be accompanied by activities and lectures by Algerian experts and from Arab and foreign countries. This is in implementation of the recommendations of the President of the Republic regarding encouraging the use of digitization in all sectors.
The spokesman explained that participation in this edition is “distinguished and exceptional,” as it will include 1,283 exhibitors from 60 countries from all over the world and many new titles in all scientific and university literary genres at very reasonable prices against the backdrop of the state exempting the exhibition from all fees. The exhibition management also called on exhibitors to offer discounts at 20 percent.

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