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The Minister of Finance, Laziz Fayed, confirmed the day before yesterday that green corridors have been allocated at the level of Houari Boumediene International Airport (Algeria), allowing the facilitation of security and customs procedures for participants in the 7th Summit of Heads of State and Government. Gas Exporting Countries Forum.

Fayed explained during a press conference organized on the sidelines of a working and inspection visit that he made, accompanied by the Minister of Transport, Mohamed Habib Zahana, to Algiers Airport to review the progress of preparations for the date scheduled to be organized from February 29 to March 2 in Algiers, that one of the reasons for this visit is to “make sure “Ensure that the conditions are actually met” in order to ensure the best reception for participants in this the event.

He added Minister “We note with satisfaction that all conditions are met,” stressing that “green corridors have been allocated for the benefit of the participants in this event.” forum.

He continued, saying that the airport is the first front of any country, and for this reason, he ensured, on the eve of organizing this forum, that “all guests of Algeria, within the framework of this event, have a beautiful image of our country.”.

He also pointed out that this visit, which also falls within the framework of inspecting and evaluating security and customs procedures, has allowed directives to be given in order to facilitate travel conditions for all citizens arriving to… Algeria Or those heading abroad.

He added in the same context that Algeria “seeks to adhere to international standards regarding customs procedures and obtaining luggage, so that the traveler has all the facilities upon his arrival in Algeria, while ensuring respect for customs and security laws.”.

He also explained that during this visit, he stressed the need for coordination between all the departments concerned with these procedures, especially the customs and national security services or the airport facilities and facilities management company, in order to facilitate them..

For his part, Zahana stressed, during this press conference, that one of the goals of this working and inspection visit is to prepare for the Gas Exporting Countries Forum summit, noting in this regard that “we are fully prepared at all levels.”.

Regarding the directives that were given in order to improve the conditions for receiving passengers, the Minister stressed the need for full mobilization from all the directorates that are responsible for managing Algiers Airport, with the aim of achieving standards for the quality of services..

As for the Secretary-General of the Ministry of the Interior, Local Governments and Urban Planning, Al-Arabi Marzouk, he confirmed that “all things are ready” for the Gas Exporting Countries Forum summit..

He also pointed out that this visit also aims to prepare for the arrival of members of our community residing abroad during the month of Ramadan or to spend their summer vacations..

It should be noted that the two ministers and the Secretary-General of the Ministry of the Interior were accompanied on this visit by the Director-General of National Security, Ali Badawi, the Director-General of Algerian Customs, Major General Abdelhafid Bakhouch, the President and Director-General of the Algiers Airport Facilities and Facilities Management Company, Mokhtar Saeed Mediouni, and the President Director General of Air Algerie, Hamza Ben Hamouda, and Police Superintendent and Head of the Border Police Service at Algiers Airport, Arslan Dryad..

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