Four years of the president’s rule… social and economic achievements


The Algerians lived a few days before the fourth anniversary of President Abdelmadjid Tebboune’s swearing-in on December 19, 2019. He ended a turbulent period that lasted for nearly six months and opened the door to a new Algeria, in which all the administrative imbalances of the past will end, most notably the corruption that almost destroyed the existence of the state. The President opened dozens of reform workshops that included all aspects of life, whether social, political and economic, which Algerians began to feel, despite the resistance shown by those who benefited from the previous regime, which the President warned against many times.

The President of the Republic opened his list of reforms by amending the Constitution, as it is the “cornerstone” of all reforms, which is what actually happened after the Algerians approved the new document, and the reforms that followed included the electoral law, which was strengthened with articles that stressed transparency and the fight against fraud. The new constitution also contributed to the introduction of a number of Among the new institutions such as the Supreme Council for Youth and the National Observatory for Civil Society, which embodied the meaning of governance and participatory management that President Tebboune had always called for, it was also a forum for Algerian youth who expressed ideas and confirmed their ability to confront the country’s challenges.

Social policy also had a large space in the programs of the President of the Republic. After adhering to the established principle since the November statement, which is the social character of the Algerian state, President Tebboune set out to embody this policy, which was included in his 45 commitments, through a set of decisions that worked to improve the lives of Algerians.

47 percent wage increases, an unemployment grant and a raise in the minimum wage

At the top of the President of the Republic’s decisions to improve the lives of Algerians and their ability to live, was his decision to increase employees’ salaries over the years 2023-2024, so that their annual level ranges between 4,500 DZD to 8,500 DZD depending on the rank, which makes the increases during the three years 2022, 2023, 2024, It reaches 47 percent, as the decision affected about 2.8 million employees and retirees, while increases in the economic sector will be in accordance with collective agreements between the customer and the social partner.

Before that, the President had approved decisions related to deleting the income tax for workers who earn less than thirty thousand dinars, which had a significant impact on the purchasing power of employees, especially since the decision included the public and private sectors, in addition to the President raising the minimum wage to 20 thousand dinars. .

Regarding unemployment, President Tebboune ordered the approval of the unemployment grant, with its value subsequently raised from 13,000 to 15,000 dinars, net of all fees, in addition to the state assuming the burden of health coverage for the unemployed during the period of their benefit from the grant.

Measures for retirees and a historic increase in grants and pensions…

Among the measures directed at the category of retirees, the Algerian retirement system includes Algerian nationals residing abroad, and measures aimed at improving the purchasing power of retirees through an increase in pensions and grants, as the President of the Republic gave orders to the government to raise the minimum retirement grants in Algeria to 15,000 DZD for those who were earning less than 10,000 DZD. DZD and up to 20,000 DZD for those who were receiving 15,000 DZD to comply with the minimum wage. The years 2021 and 2022 witnessed increases that resulted in a financial impact estimated at 93.44 billion dinars.

Continue the National Housing and Advertising Program 3

The state’s policy in the field of housing also continued during President Tebboune’s rule, as the authorities continued to support the housing sector, including rural housing, and also continued to distribute adequate housing, such as the 500,000 housing units in various formats, distributed during the period extending between October 2021 and June 2022.

The President of the Republic fulfilled the dream of millions of Algerians during his recent visit to the state of Djelfa, when he announced the launch of Justice 3, the dream program and the best paid housing formulas, announcing that registrations will take place from the beginning of next year.

A comprehensive economic renaissance

The last four years constituted a real renaissance in the economic aspect under the leadership of President Abdelmadjid Tebboune, after Algeria turned into an open workshop for all types of projects, as the exploitation of the huge mining wealth possessed by Algeria was enhanced, starting with the huge Ghar Jbeilat project, as well as the phosphate mines in Tebessa, and ending with mines. Gold in the desert. The industrial fabric was also strengthened and the investment climate was improved through a new investment law that provided great facilities to local and foreign institutions, and young people were not far from the program, as Algeria witnessed the largest boom for emerging and small enterprises, as the facilities that were approved in this field made it possible to… Supporting the initiative’s efforts and announcing the opening of hundreds of thousands of institutions of this type.

A diplomatic leap and a strong return for Algeria in international forums

The last years have not been the same as before in the diplomatic field, as Algeria was able to record its strong return to the international arena, by playing its pioneering role, whether in terms of launching a number of mediations such as the Renaissance Dam crisis between Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia, all the way to the initiative launched by the president to resolve the crisis. Niger, and Algeria was able to secure entry to the Security Council as a non-permanent member for the next term, after receiving continental support that confirmed its position in Africa and the Arab region. Despite all this, Algeria did not abandon its support for just causes such as the Sahrawi and Palestinian issues, despite all the pressures, as it refused, according to the President. All the normalization efforts that affected the Arab region, which showed their failure in the war of extermination currently taking place in Gaza, as they demonstrated the lies of the normalizers in their service to the cause after their recognition of the entity, and confirmed the correct view of Algeria.

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