Financial and tax expert Abu Bakr Salami: Algeria needs to reform its tax and social transfer systems – Algerian Dialogue


Financial and tax expert, Abu Bakr Salami, stressed today, Monday, Algeria’s need to reform its collection and social transfer systems.
Salami focused on the first radio channel on the necessity of a deep and comprehensive reform of the tax system, explaining that the matter is related to reviewing the tax system as a whole, and he said: “This requires time, but the issue is useful.”
The first guest highlighted the importance of recovering lost collections in the parallel market, adding: “The social transfer system is “crooked” despite its positive aspects, and the targeted support does not go to those who deserve it, so digitization must be accelerated, and the national card will inevitably enable things to be controlled, even if Completing the card was not an easy matter, but we must continue to implement it.”
In addition to appreciating the state’s great efforts, Salami stressed solving the problems of speculation and inflated bills, believing that the solution to this depends on realistic, long-term economic technical solutions provided by experts to ensure the balance between producer and consumer. He also called for greater boldness in economic decisions.
The financial and fiscal expert was keen to emphasize the added value provided by strategic investments, pointing out that the sectors concerned are led by agriculture, then tourism, mining, renewable energies, and others.
Salami noted that the current economic situation in Algeria is “comfortable” and excludes any external borrowing, especially with the jump in fuel prices and the rise in exchange reserves to a level ranging between 70 and 80 billion dollars.
He estimated that the margin of maneuver in diversifying Algeria’s exports is linked to the inevitability of building the national economy and winning profitable investments that are activated as soon as possible.

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