Finance, transportation and interior sectors are on the government meeting agenda


Prime Minister Ayman bin Abdul Rahman chaired a government meeting devoted to studying several points related to the financial, transportation, and interior sectors

On Thursday, the Prime Minister, Ayman bin Abdul Rahman, chaired a government meeting, devoted to studying several points related to the financial, transportation, and interior sectors, according to a statement of the Prime Minister’s interests, the full text of which follows:

“On Thursday, October 5, 2023, Prime Minister Ayman bin Abdel Rahman chaired a government meeting, which was held at the Government Palace. During its weekly meeting, the government studied the following points:

In the field of finance:

The government studied a preliminary draft of the Finance Law for the year 2024, presented by the Minister of Finance, in anticipation of presenting it to an upcoming meeting of the Council of Ministers.

In the field of transportation:

The Minister of Transport presented a draft executive decree that includes the establishment of the High Ports Governorate and defines its tasks, organization and functioning.

This draft text falls within the framework of implementing the instructions of the President of the Republic regarding establishing effective mechanisms to establish a port authority to be placed under the supervision of a governor or governor.

Finally, in the field of interior:

The government listened to a presentation by the Minister of the Interior, Local Communities and Urban Planning on the national plan for organizing rescue in the event of a disaster.

This presentation aims to determine the readiness of national and local plans to organize relief in the event of a disaster, within a proactive view, aiming to move from focusing on the disaster after it occurs to focusing on managing the risk of the disaster before it occurs, within the framework of the new national strategy for prevention, intervention and risk reduction. Disasters within the framework of sustainable development.

The presentation touched on national capabilities and capabilities ready to intervene in the event of a disaster, especially with regard to strengthening strategic reserves and the use of modern technologies and scientific and practical methods within the framework of activating these plans, as well as qualifying the human resource that is recruited and recruited, especially those affiliated with the specialized units of civil protection as the main actor in Management and management of field interventions.

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