Fifth night of protests in France and the decline in violence – Al-Hiwar Algeria


Today, Sunday morning, the French Ministry of the Interior announced that 719 people had been arrested last night, and that 45 police and gendarmerie personnel had been injured.

According to a provisional toll, the French Interior Ministry reported that 577 vehicles and 74 buildings were set on fire, and 871 road fires were recorded. The French authorities have deployed 45,000 members of the police and gendarmerie, including 7,000 in Paris and its suburbs, in addition to security reinforcements in cities that have been exposed over the past four nights to a series of riots, theft and looting, such as Marseille, Lyon and others.

The violence and riots that erupted in France nearly a week ago, against the backdrop of the killing of the boy “Nael” of Algerian origin, by a French policeman’s bullet, prompted President Emmanuel Macron to postpone his visit to Germany, while the extreme right resorted to investing in the crisis and, as usual, put the “Algerians” in a cage. The accusation, and the statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the national community abroad regarding the incident, was considered “interference in the internal affairs of France.” On the other hand, the extremist Eric Zemmour considered the statement an insult to Macron, who is now taking his lessons from Algeria. On the other hand, Khalifa Marine Le Pen stated that “Algeria, which is concerned about its citizens in France, must take them back.”

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