Fazia Dahlab: The “Tala Hamza-Oued Amisour” project is safe for the environment – Algerian Dialogue

The Minister of Environment and Renewable Energy, Fazia Dahlab, confirmed during the symposium that “all measures have been taken to protect the environment from any potential effects of the project,” reassuring residents at the local level.
She added, “The study of this project file was subject to constant follow-up by the country’s higher authorities through detailed weekly reports that were sent to the interests of the Prime Minister to inform him of the progress of the study of the file by the Ministry of Environment.”
She indicated that a plan has been prepared to follow up and manage the environmental aspect of the project, which includes all special measures to reduce and mitigate the potential effects of exploiting this reservoir, which is represented in the use of the latest technologies to reduce polluting emissions.
Mrs. Dahlab also stressed “taking measures to follow up on the water management issue in this region” by establishing a drainage and water collection system to reuse 50 percent of it in the production system of the reservoir’s industrial complex, while ensuring the protection of biodiversity and developing an environmental monitoring program to enable “ Continuous assessment of the environmental impacts resulting from the project.
For his part, the Minister of Industry and Pharmaceutical Production, Ali Aoun, highlighted that the industry sector needs to control mining resources with modern technological means in order to preserve quality and environmental standards, considering that this symposium constitutes an opportunity to benefit from university research on mining projects and their role in economic growth.
The symposium, which was organized by the Ministry of Energy and Mines in coordination with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, was attended by local authorities and central frameworks, in addition to the scientific and professional community in the field of mines and graduates of many disciplines related to the mineral industry, such as geology, mining exploitation, environment, process engineering, chemistry, physics and economics. .
The meeting aims to clarify the economic stakes in exploiting the zinc and lead mine of Tala Hamza-Amizur, as well as the method of exploiting the mine in a modern and respectful manner for the environment, according to international standards.
The symposium program revolves around two topics: “The New Boom in Mining Economics and Geology” and “Mining Technologies and Safety of Exploitation,” with the aim of coming up with recommendations and suggestions to enrich knowledge about mining resources.

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