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The Director of Primary Education at the Ministry of National Education, Dhaifallah Amhamed, revealed today, Sunday, that 1,200 educational institutions have been equipped with digital tablets, in anticipation of the new academic season 2023-2024, which is scheduled to start on September 19, awaiting the generalization of this process in all educational institutions. across the national territory during the next few years.

During his appearance as a guest on the “Sabah Guest” program on the first radio channel, Dhaif Allah explained, “The next school entry will be special after the conditions for students’ schooling have been modernized, through expanding the use of the electronic board and digitizing all decisions and decisions related to the students’ school life.”

He also added that “all measures have been taken to provide books at the level of all educational institutions, including English books,” and that “all facilities are ready to receive the studying students.”

The spokesman pointed out that “the percentage of students who will enroll in school for the first time has increased by between 3 and 4 percent compared to last year, when approximately 11 million students were counted.”

On the other hand, the Director of Primary Education at the Ministry of National Education appreciated the decision to include physical education and sports in the primary stage, which will be taught by specialized primary school teachers who have been employed for this purpose.

He stated, “The subject of physical education and sports is not new in the educational system. After it was previously taught by the professor of standardized subjects and presented as a refresher subject, it has been decided, starting from the next school entry, to be taught by professors specialized in this field.”

He also added, “The aim of this subject is to help children integrate into the social and educational system and to provide talent that can support elite sports, in addition to the ability to teach this subject to people with special needs who are integrated into the educational system.”

Regarding the spaces for practicing physical education and sports in primary schools, Dhaifallah said, “Educational institutions must exploit the spaces available in the primary school, regardless of their nature. They can also exploit the facilities and adjacent spaces belonging to educational institutions close to the school and even those affiliated with other sectors.” .

In the same context, he revealed that “the decision to install traffic education classes in the primary education stage starting from the new season, with the aim of circulating them to the rest of the stages in the future, aims to instil in students good behaviors regarding prevention and security on the roads through familiarization with traffic rules and the necessity of respecting them, and the types of methods.” Transport and use.

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