“enpi” launches the process of selling apartments and villas in 9 states – New Algeria


The National Real Estate Promotion Corporation (ENPI) launched a huge operation to sell apartments And villas In 9 states, where the sales process will take place through the platform e of the National Real Estate Promotion Corporation.
The statement highlighted that the process includes the sale of program housing Free clavicle Several regions are concerned: the capital, Adrar, Chlef, Ain Defla, Jijel, Tlemcen, Boumerdes, Mostaganem, Bordj Bou Arreridj.
As the statement indicated, space The villa It has four rooms, ranging from 179.90 square meters to 250.14 square meters, and the apartment price starts from 13,033,130.30 DZD to 18,039,282.00 DZD.
According to the statement, the sale will take place via: Electronic platform of the National Real Estate Promotion Corporation “ENPI” and will start next Wednesday at 11 am

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