Enhancing the hotel barn will make the state of Tlemcen a tourist destination par excellence – El Hawar Algeria


The Minister of Tourism and Handicrafts, Mokhtar Didouche, confirmed in Tlemcen that the strengthening of the hotel barn will make the wilaya of Tlemcen a tourist destination par excellence.

And the minister said in a statement to the press at the Hammawi metallurgical station of the municipality of Hammam Bougarara, on the sidelines of a two-day working and inspection visit, that this barn is witnessing an expansion thanks to projects in progress, including those related to private hotels, as well as public tourist facilities that have been equipped in a modern way.

Mr. Didouche indicated, on the other hand, that the beaches of the state of Tlemcen are ready to receive vacationers, thanks to the efforts made by the authorities and the interests of the state to prepare and clean them before the start of the summer season.

On the first day of the visit, the minister inspected the construction project of a tourist hotel at Marsa Ben M’hidi beach, and inspected the beach of Ouled Ben Ayad in the municipality of Souk El-Telta.

Mukhtar Didouche also inaugurated a hotel in the municipality of Maghnia and examined the status of the “Tafna” hotel in the same municipality. He visited the mineral hydrometallurgical station of the municipality of Hammam-Bougarra and the Castle of El-Machour, before examining the annex of the National Institute of Hospitality and Tourism of the wilaya of Tizi-Ouzou in Tlemcen, the mosque and mausoleum of Sidi Boumedienne, and a hotel. Lalla Seti plateau.

And the program of the second day of this visit includes the ceremony of reviving the National Day of Tourism at the Palace of Culture Abdel Karim Dali, as well as visiting exhibitions for economic dealers, tourism partners and craftsmen, distributing prizes for the promotional videos competition for tourist destinations in Algeria, honoring a number of retired workers of the sector and inspecting Exhibition of traditional Andalusian Nubian dress in the same cultural institution.

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