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Mohamed Charafeddine Boudiaf, Director General of Integration and Employment at the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security, revealed on Tuesday that more than a quarter of a million job seekers will be employed across the public and private economic sectors in 2023.
When he was a guest on the “Morning Guest” program on Radio 1 Channel, Boudiaf said that 232,000 people were employed in Algeria this year, which represents an increase of 24 percent compared to 2022.
He focused on the presence of “economic mobility that we hope to strengthen,” adding that 333,000 job offers were offered in 2023, an increase of 35 percent compared to the previous year, recording the inclusion of more than 541,000 in permanent positions at the level of public bodies and institutions, including 75,000 who were receiving wages. They were cheap and entered into contracts of indefinite duration.
The first guest said that 325,000 people at the level of the Vocational Integration Assistance Service have reached 98 percent, and the file will be closed permanently in the coming weeks. He is reassured that there is a central committee in charge of following up on the process, amid an official trend to give priority to job seekers.

Boudiaf noted that 30 percent of job seekers are between the ages of 16 and 24, while 64 percent are under 35 years of age, considering that the matter is related to youthful energy and the bet on qualified labor, which is why the Ministry of Labor’s interests seek support and accompaniment.

The spokesman reported that 126,000 unemployed people who are currently active in the economic sector have been employed, announcing the development of a digital platform to follow up on all professionals and allow the exchange of data on the compatibility of training with the labor market.

Boudiaf noted that public employment is experiencing a state of saturation, yet the education, health and higher education sectors witnessed large employment this year, stressing the need for the economic sector to pay attention to greater creation of financial positions, continuing: “We are in the era of emerging institutions and artificial intelligence, and rapid capital can promote “Work.”

Boudiaf praised the creation of the ten new states, saying: “We are reaping the benefits, especially in the agricultural sector.” He added that the states of the south have their own particularity with the presence of major companies there, so those in charge were obligated to provide the greatest degree of transparency in employment and to give priority to the people of the region in employment.

Boudiaf concluded that the year 2023 witnessed the involvement of 10,000 new institutions in the social security system at the level of the Al-Kannas Fund, and noted that increasing the number of contributions contributed to raising the fund’s revenues and would therefore have positive repercussions in controlling the balances of the retirement fund.

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