Emphasis on enhancing the role of rural women in production


Minister of National Solidarity, Kaoutar Krikou, during a meeting in the state of Tindouf organized on the occasion of the International Day of Rural Women

The Minister of National Solidarity, Family and Women’s Issues, Kaoutar Krikou, confirmed on Saturday from Tindouf that the cooperation program concluded with all actors in cooperation with the United Nations Population Fund aims to enhance the role of rural women in the path of national production.

During a meeting organized on the occasion of the International Day of Rural Women at the Abdelhamid Mehri House of Culture in Tindouf, Kriko explained that “promoting and empowering rural women is a goal whose implementation is given special care by the government, with instructions from the President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, in order to enable this social segment to Achieving its economic independence, creating jobs and contributing to the national economy.”

The Minister added that the Solidarity Sector is keen to formulate a new vision and effective procedures that take into account the specificity of each state by identifying the needs of rural women for training, support and accompaniment through the 275 neighborhood solidarity cells across the country.

She added: “By adopting a participatory approach, the sector seeks to enhance and support women’s capabilities and empower them economically by adopting work methods characterized by integration and joint sectoral coordination, while increasing the quality of communication about training and support mechanisms to create income-generating projects.”

The government representative added that the launch of the national program to encourage rural women and women staying at home to engage in the path of national production in early February 2021, within an integrated work plan between various sectors with the aim of stimulating the dynamism of establishing economic activities and small enterprises and developing women’s entrepreneurship, has led to several editions of the “Economic Inclusion Guide.” For Women,” which included all the support mechanisms provided by the state through its various agencies, as the number of beneficiaries of a mini-loan and training in various specializations in vocational training centers reached 12,549 women.

For her part, Faiza Ben Driss, head of the United Nations Population Fund office in Algeria, pointed out that strengthening rural women’s capabilities in production is an extremely important factor, stressing in the same context the need to preserve the local character of the product and enable rural women to market their products.

When she inspected a model investor of a rural woman in the agricultural area of ​​Oued Mahia, the Minister highlighted the importance of providing training and accompaniment in order to create professionalism among those wishing to invest in various fields while preserving the traditional character of rural women.

The ministerial delegation was provided with detailed explanations about the program from which rural women in the state benefited through various agricultural support programs. The total number of rural women who benefited from this program reached more than 550 rural women, including 423 who benefited from the launch of projects related, in particular, to the establishment of goat breeding units, with a total of 2,538 heads. .

The delegation also reviewed the technical card related to the argan tree planting project on an area of ​​43 hectares across the various agricultural areas of the state, with a financial envelope estimated at 23 million dinars and a completion period of up to 24 months.

This project, which the state is paying great attention to in order to contribute to the national economy, includes the acquisition and transportation of shrubs, planning, stakes, digging, planting, watering, and setting up a drip irrigation network. It aims to develop and value the argan tree, expand the area planted from it, as well as create new job positions.

The Minister toured a special exhibition for rural women, which included various natural and indigenous products of traditional foods and drinks, in addition to goat, camel and horse breeding units, where she listened to the concerns of the exhibitors, which revolved around marketing their products.

On this occasion, Mrs. Kreko handed over ownership contracts to a number of farmers before giving the signal for the launch of three training workshops related to making cheeses from goat and camel milk, extracting argan oil, and training in the field of marketing techniques for rural women’s products.

The Minister of National Solidarity, Family and Women’s Issues concluded the program of this visit by supervising a meeting with representatives of the sectors of national solidarity, agriculture, rural development, tourism and traditional industry in the state, on the topic of “Knowledge Economy, Emerging Institutions and Micro-enterprises”, and this was before activating a radio session and launching a medical awareness-raising convoy within the framework of the month of October. Pink.

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