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Action is expected to take place Exams Professional or promotion tests will be held on the 13th of next July, according to the calendar of the Ministry of Education. Candidates wishing to be promoted to senior ranks for the year 2024 will pass three tests in one day, provided that they join the specialized training if they do not meet the success rate in the competition itself.

According to the Ministry of Guardianship, all… Candidates Those who expressed their desire to participate in the internal examination for promotion to higher ranks and confirmed that after submitting their candidacy files, they will be prepared to pass several tests per day, at the rate of scheduling one test in the morning period, and two tests in the evening period.

If the success rate is achieved, they will undergo specialized training to join some ranks. Before joining their new work positions at the beginning of next September

Not far from that as far as rank is concerned boss In an elementary school, those concerned will pass three tests on the 13th of next July, as it was decided to conduct one test in the morning period, where it will be programmed in the subject “School Legislation”, with an hourly duration estimated at three hours, starting from eight o’clock until eleven o’clock, after which it will be allocated The evening period is for programming two tests, in two subjects. The first concerns the “Educational Sciences” subject and starts from one o’clock in the afternoon until three o’clock, and the second concerns the “Information and Communication Technology” subject, as it is programmed over a period of two hours, and will start at three-thirty in the afternoon. It lasts until half past five.

In the same context, and regarding the rank of assistant principal of a primary school, they will be examined in three basic subjects, namely “School Legislation,” which was scheduled for the morning of July 13, as the examination will begin at eight in the morning and extend until eleven o’clock.

Allocate the evening period of the same day to conduct two tests, the first of which will be programmed in material “Educational Sciences”, with a courier size estimated at two hours, as the test begins at one o’clock in the afternoon and continues until three o’clock, so that the second test in the subject “Information and Communication Technology” begins at three-thirty and extends over two hours.

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