Dr. Hoda Jaafari: We expect to collect approximately 3 million skins of Eid sacrifices during the year 2024 – Algerian Dialogue


The Confederation of Algerian Industrialists and Producers recorded the response of citizens on the first day of Eid al-Adha with the national campaign to collect sacrificial skins, which is supervised by the Ministry of Industry and Pharmaceutical Production. It is expected that 3 million Eid sacrificial skins will be collected during the year 2024, as confirmed by the expert in this body, Dr. Hoda Samira Jaafari.

Dr. Hoda Samira Jaafari explained in a statement to the first radio channel this Monday that this national campaign received a response during the first day of Eid al-Adha, as 300 skins have been collected so far in the municipality of Burj al-Bahri, including 60 intact skins.

The spokeswoman indicated that the campaign to collect sacrificial skins will continue until after Eid Al-Adha, adding that after collecting one million and 200 thousand sacrificial skins during the year 2023, it is expected this year to reach 3 million.

Dr. Samira Jaafari also stressed the importance of the campaign to collect sacrificial skins, both in the field of the environment and in the field of protecting public health, as throwing sacrificial skins in the street leads to the spread of diseases, and most importantly of all – the speaker adds – this process contributes to the leather and textile industry in our country.

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