Dr. Hamida Moulay: Algeria has all the elements to advance medical tourism – Algerian Dialogue


Dr. Hamida Moulay, a specialist in cosmetic medicine, noted the role of medical tourism in supporting the national economy by attracting the largest number of visitors wishing for this type of tourism.
Hamida Moulay, who was a guest on the “Eqtisad Multimedia” program, added that Algeria possesses all the qualifications for this, such as the diversity of seasons and the vast area, not to mention the presence of medical teams with skill and experience in the field of cosmetic medicine.
She called on the guardian authorities, including businessmen and investors, to pay attention to this type of medical tourism by establishing structures and spaces that contribute to promoting and attracting tourists from different regions of the world.
She urged promoting constructive dialogue among executives and specialists in this field to create more understandings and reject differences.

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