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The Minister of Environment and Renewable Energies, Fazia Dahlab, confirmed from Guelma that her ministerial department is preparing to develop “incentive methods” to attract those wishing to invest in waste recycling, noting at the same time the need for greater integration of technical backfill centers into the circular economy.

During her inspection of the technical waste reclamation center “Bouqarqar” in the municipality of Heliopolis, on the occasion of a working visit and an inspection of the state, Dahlab explained that these incentive methods are being put in place in coordination with local groups as well as some other relevant ministerial departments, adding that the ministry is also working on preparing the necessary legal frameworks for that and amending some The texts foremost among them are the waste management law of 2001.

And she highlighted that the introduction of these incentives falls within the framework of the ministry’s strategy, which is moving towards relying on the circular economy and modernizing waste management by opening the way for young people, owners of emerging enterprises, and everyone who wishes to invest in the field of waste recycling.

After listening to detailed explanations about the Buqarqar Technical Backfill Center, which is the only facility at the state level, which receives waste from 13 municipalities out of 34 at a rate of 220 tons per day, as well as being briefed on a project to complete a third trench in the same center, the Minister of Environment and Renewable Energies called on those in charge of running the institution to the need to work To attract the largest possible number of those wishing to invest in waste recycling, by creating a local market for materials recovered from the waste treatment process.

The minister stated that the technical backfilling of waste centers should be more integrated into the “circular economy” policy that the ministry seeks to spread throughout the country, noting that it is unreasonable to bury recoverable materials and waste capable of creating enormous wealth and important sources for the national economy.

Dahlab also listened on the spot to another presentation about a project for the construction of a new center for the technical backfilling of waste in the municipality of Houari Boumediene, to receive household waste from the municipalities of the western side of the wilaya. As well as the elimination of random dumps in the same area, as it reaffirmed the necessity of employing these centers to receive organic waste only in exchange for relying on the recovery and recycling of other recoverable waste, to rationalize the exploitation of such centers whose completion requires significant sums of money and wide real estate resources.

At the state headquarters, the minister also supervised the distribution of 10 compactor trucks to collect waste for the benefit of several municipalities. On the occasion, she reiterated, in a statement to the media, the ministry’s focus on the circular economy project, which it considered the only alternative to managing waste and turning it into economic wealth.

The work and inspection visit included both the natural reserve of the Bani Saleh forest in the municipality of Bushgouf, as well as the project for the completion of a recreation forest in the Ain Safra area in the Mauna mountains in the municipality of Ben Jarrah, in addition to the inspection of the project to prepare the pine garden in the state capital.

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