Details of Olise’s contract with Bayern Munich – New Algeria


The name of the Franco-Algerian player, Michael Olise, is currently linked to a move from his English club, Crystal Palace. Heading towards German giant Bayern Munich.

He was a famous Italian journalistR. Fabrizio RomanoHe, who specializes in the transfer of players to clubs, had previously spoken about how the German club Bayern Munich had decided on the deal for the young man, Michael Olise, and kidnapped him from the English club Chelsea, which he greatly desired.

According to the Italian journalist, the Bavarian club will activate the release clause in the player’s contract with Crystal Palace. That is, he will pay a fixed amount of 45 million pounds sterling, in exchange for Olise’s transfer to his ranks.

Furthermore, the German giant will pay an additional £5 million in variables and incentives related to his signing of the young star from Crystal Palace. The contract binding him to the club will extend until 2029.

It is noteworthy that the player is among the most prominent interests Federal Algerian football. In order to convince him to assume colors The elected National during the coming periods.

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