Delivering a recovery card to socially insured cancer patients


The head of the National Committee for Cancer Prevention and Control, Professor Ada Bonjar, revealed that the delivery of recovery cards to uninsured cancer patients will begin starting next week.

Bonjar confirmed that the operation comes in implementation of the strict instructions of the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, during the committee’s installation ceremony. The professor explained, in statements to Algerian television, that it is sufficient for a cancer patient who is not socially insured to present a medical certificate proving that he has cancer in order to obtain a social security card from the National Social Security Fund for wage-earners.

On the other hand, unions and associations praised the decisions of the President of the Republic regarding cancer prevention and optimal care for patients, during his installation of the National Committee for Cancer Prevention and Control.

In this regard, the head of the committee, Professor Adida Bonjar, explained that the installation of this body “came along the lines of countries around the world where cancer prevention and control is under the supervision of the country’s chief official, especially since the World Health Organization was clear in emphasizing the impossibility of limiting the spread of this disease.” Which will be – as he said – an increase of 50 percent in 2040.”

In this context, Professor Bonjar expected that Algeria would “also witness an increase in infection cases, reaching 100,000 new cases in the year 2040, which requires – as he pointed out – the adoption of a new strategy to confront this increase through prevention, early diagnosis, and strengthening scientific research to provide treatment in “The right time to reduce deaths.”

Regarding the report that this advisory body will submit to the President of the Republic, the spokesman explained that “it will be within 3 months, as the President of the Republic assigned us to do,” and through it, “a general vision and strategy will be developed to care for cancer patients in the short, medium, and long term.”

For his part, the President of the National Union of Public Health Practitioners, Dr. Elias Merabet, praised “the care given by President Tebboune to cancer patients who benefit from free treatment at the level of public hospital institutions,” and also appreciated his “decisions regarding optimal care for them, especially for patients who are not socially insured.” He considered it an “important” step that would reduce the burden on patients and their families.

In the same context, Dr. Murabit pointed out that “the number of people infected with cancer has increased over the past ten years, reaching an average of 50,000 new cases annually, which requires research into the causes, support for scientific research in this field, and attention to the preventive and awareness aspect, reaching the stage of early diagnosis and then medical care.” .

In this regard, he stressed “the importance of providing all material means and equipment, in addition to the qualified human resource and the necessary basic and specialized facilities and distributing them at the national level, and the necessity of coordination and integration between the public and private sectors to ensure optimal care for the patient, especially with regard to patients who are not socially insured.”

For his part, the head of the “Al-Badr” Society for Helping Cancer Patients, Dr. Mustafa Moussaoui, considered the President of the Republic’s instructions “important and in the interest of patients, allowing them to easily receive treatment, especially for the socially uninsured,” thanking the President of the Republic “for his interest in this group.” “.

Mr. Moussaoui mentioned the meeting organized by his association in the state of Blida, which brought together a number of national associations active in the same field, and the recommendations that emerged from it that will be submitted to the National Committee for Cancer Prevention and Control, which mainly revolve around “the necessity of ensuring 100 percent care for cancer patients.” And expediting treatment through radiology, while providing accommodation centers at the level of hospital centers to alleviate the suffering of patients in transportation, in addition to the state’s support for associations active in this field with the aim of enabling them to perform better.”

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