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The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development announced the creation of the new Algerian company for the control of agricultural production, which undertakes the purchase of all agricultural products with a wide consumption of vegetables and fruits that can be stored, with the aim of achieving a balance in the national market on the one hand and protecting farmers and breeders on the other hand.

The announcement of the establishment of this institution came during a joint meeting of the Minister of Agriculture, Mohamed Abdel Hafeez Hani, and Al-Tayeb Zitouni, Minister of Trade and Export Promotion, devoted to clarifying the new vision for the strategy of the two sectors, during which several common issues and files were discussed and studied.

A statement by the Ministry of Agriculture stated, today, Monday, that the two ministers presented a detailed presentation on the abundance of widely consumed agricultural materials in the national markets, as well as the fluctuation in some products, especially during the production vacuum period, as well as supplying the market with sacks of fortified milk and dry legumes, where all measures were taken and The necessary measures to solve all the difficulties encountered.

In this regard, Zitouni and Hani affirmed that the two sectors work in coordination, as the mission of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development is to provide agricultural production and the Ministry of Trade to monitor distribution and marketing. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development will also work to absorb the surplus in agricultural production in cooperation with the Ministry of Trade and Promoting exports through the export of agricultural products such as vegetables and fruits, as well as the large production of animal fodder.

With regard to milk production, the two parties mentioned the existence of 118 contracted dairy farms within the framework of the support system for bagged milk, so that 30 percent of milk powder was added in the month of Ramadan and it remains throughout the year. Marketing and distribution are monitored by the Ministry of Commerce agents. The aim of this procedure is to cover the national market once and for all. .

The Minister of Agriculture and the Minister of Commerce agreed to cover all municipalities of the country with bags of subsidized milk and to raise the share of the raw material for subsidized milk according to the needs of citizens. It was also decided to review the lactobacillus quotas of fortified milk powder according to the need by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and to draw up a map for the distribution of fortified sachet milk in order to update the follow-up and control by the agents of the Directorate of Commerce and all the competent departments at the level of each state. In addition to following up on every shortage of fortified milk in real time through the digitization of distribution in order to find a solution and direct intervention within 24 hours, and no fluctuation or disturbance in abundance and distribution is allowed.

During the meeting, the experience of digitizing the distribution of fortified milk bags was also presented to include all dairy products at the national level, whether public or private, and the beginning of preparation procedures for the upcoming month of Ramadan for all widely consumed foodstuffs.

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