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A startup specialized in software and digitization, “Mrigal Smart,” has created an advanced digital program directed at dealing with forest fires. It runs on the EFFET PLUIE system by spraying water extensively and intensely in the form of rain, which will inevitably enable the fire to be controlled and extinguished.
A startup organization was able to develop an advanced program that includes smart applications that allow for a comprehensive survey of the affected area, sending advance notices and alerts to citizens and intervention units, in addition to creating a digital fire truck.
The Foundation’s Director General, Tariq Abed, a software expert, confirms that what distinguishes this digital system is that it deals with all international systems, especially American, Russian, European, and even Chinese.
Al-Abed confirmed that his organization possesses devices that can be placed by all intervening units, such as civil protection vehicles, police cars, and the National Gendarmerie, and that they are ready to present the system and present it to the country’s higher authorities.
Our speaker indicated that the program is ready for use, and allows the elements located at a distance from the disaster site to direct the intervening elements and provide them with accurate and real-time data about the area. It also enables the intervening element to send real-time data and data, in addition to direct communication between the two parties, and coordination of efforts.
He gave an example of this: “When a fire breaks out, civil protection elements located at a safe distance from it can direct the intervening elements and provide them with accurate data, for example regarding the direction and speed of the wind, the path of the flames, and determine a route for help, in order to evacuate them in case of danger, and bring them to land.” Safety, which is what the Marvel application has.

He continued: “There is a special application directed at the citizen, which provides him with accurate and real-time data and data, and everything he needs to survive. There is also another, more extensive application directed at state agencies, which provides them with a general and comprehensive overview of the affected areas and the location of the afflicted.”

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